Why you need to push hard to build muscle.

Why you need to push hard to build muscle.

Push hard to build muscle

Why can’t I do weenie workouts?

Because you need to push hard to build muscle and make progress.

Yes working out is hard. Training is painful but you will get used to it. You may even like it!

So why do I ask my clients to give me 100% every workout?

The short answer is to break down muscle fiber and allow it to rebuild stronger.

The key is to work hard and smart, then recover.

The harder to understand answer is that it builds discipline and an ability to push yourself when you don’t want to.

Here is an analogy for you.

Two twins go to school. Let’s say both twins have the same IQ.

One gets C’s and barely makes it out of school. The other works harder, gets A’s and graduates with honors.

They can both say they graduated (completed a workout) but what has really happened?

The honor graduate will get scholarships, a choice of schools, better job offers and a better quality of life.

There may be some other factors involved but he/she have built a life around discipline and doing the things they don’t want to do.

The “C” student is glad to have graduated and now has to pay for college or look for a low-paying job.

The lack of work ethic has hurt him/her over and limited their choices.

So to answer your question, if you want limited results that are far below your potential, then just go through the motions.

My hope is that there is a fire deep down inside of you that wants something a little more.

Working out with weights is one of the hardest things you can do but the discipline will carry over and help you in all aspects of your life.

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