High Intensity Exercise for Fast Results

Is High Intensity Training for Everybody?

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High intensity training has been a common buzzword around the fitness world.

What the heck is it?

Do you need to do it?

How do you do it?

High Intensity training is like killing 2 birds with one stone. (Do people still use that phrase? Seems kind of cruel but as long as you know what I mean, let’s go with it.)
Get your strength training and cardio done at the same time. Actually in less time than it might take to do a traditional workout. Not bad.
So less can be more when it comes to exercising and getting the results you want.  Of course the less involves cranking up the intensity which most people are simply not used to. Or don’t want to. So let me put this into perspective for you. Some of my clients are in their late 60’s and they haven’t had any problems doing high intensity circuits. The key is not to overdue it.

So what is high intensity training?

 If you want to increase your intensity, then we need to figure out what “intensity” is.
Look at it this way.
  • You can increase intensity by doing more work in the same time.

  • You can increase your intensity by doing the same work in less time.

  • You can really increase your intensity levels by doing more work in less time. That is the holy grail of training.


Circuits and Intervals explained.

The best way to explain this is to look at a basic workout.

Basic Workout

You can do this workout 3 basic ways.

Straight Sets

This is the way most people workout. Do a set, take a break. Do a set take a break….. This works extremely well for strength building but you miss the cardio aspect. If you are trying to get back in shape you need both. So take a look at circuits and intervals.


A circuit is a series of exercises you do right after each other with a minimal break. Later in this article I am going to show you how to use an interval timer to regulate this.
 As an example, you could set your interval timer to give you 45 seconds of work time and 15 seconds of rest time. Hit the timer and do as many reps as you can in the ball squat for 45 seconds. Take your 15 second break then do as many bridges as you can in 45 seconds. 15 second break, then as many reps with the leg curl as you can.
Get the idea? No breaks until you finish your tricep kickbacks. Take your break and do this 2 more times.


Intervals are harder and use the same hiit timer as you would for circuits. The difference is that you stay with 1 exercise for the prescribed number of sets.
Using the above example, you would start the timer and do as many reps as you can for 45 seconds of Ball Squats. rest 15 seconds, the do a second set of Ball Squats. rest 15 seconds and do a last set.

 High Intensity Training Timers

A HIIT or High Intensity Interval Timer is a must. The great thing is you can download one for free on your smartphone or tablet.

Here is video where to download one and how to set it up.


This is why In Home Personal Training, Boot camps and Cross Fit training are so effective. The advantage I have in working with clients on a one on one basis is that I have time to look at your form and monitor your exertion level. This is critical to prevent injuries and keep from doing too much.
How is this different from CrossFit?
It is very similar but there are some crucial differences.
  • You want to go fast on circuits and intervals. Whereas Crossfit will have you doing complex movements for high reps, I keep my movements simple.
And this is for good reason. As you get tired, your form is going to break down. The more complex the exercise, the greater risk of injury.
  • I am always watching your form. When your form breaks down, I stop the clock. There is a difference between training and competing. People in Crossfit, Orange Theory and classes like that, sometimes lose sight of this. They think they are competing everyday. You can’t compete everyday. The body won’t take it. You train to compete.

Pushing yourself to the point of getting injured during training is just stupid.

So if you keep that in mind, you should be ready to try a little high intensity training.


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