6 Simple Ways to Lose Fat

6 Simple Ways To Lose Fat

Easy To Make Meals

Don’t make nutrition difficult. Everyone wants to know how many calories to eat, what to eat, when to eat, etc…

And really a lot of people take what is a simple and basic concept and turn it into a logistical nightmare.

Please don’t go down a rabbit hole with this stuff.

Smart marketers will fill you head with results from biased studies and make it seem like you are never eating clean enough.

That is all that is is. Just marketing. Ways to stress you out and take your money.

1625669_10152251693626873_1893053374_nSo with that in mind, here are 6 quick rules to follow to lose fat.

Follow this and you will keep your muscle and burn fat.

1. Make everything you eat count.

I am talking about nutrient dense food. Natural food. Everything you eat should help your health. No diet drinks, no chips, no regular sodas…you know processed food versus natural. Don’t eat junk.

2. Give yourself 1 day to eat whatever you want, whenever.

All day. Amazingly enough you will never gain weight doing this. Some call this a “Cheat” day, others call it a “Free” day. Whatever you call it, have fun doing it!

3. Eat a protein and a carbohydrate every meal.

A sandwich made with whole grains and meat is perfect. Chicken breast and rice. Lean steak and potato.

4. Eat often. 5-6 smaller meals or just eat when you are hungry.

Both work. ha! See what I did there. See which one you are better at doing. If it works, problem solved.

5. Never get that feeling of being famished or stuffed.

Ride that line of being borderline hungry. Not hungry but almost. This may take a little getting used to but it is always a sign you are eating the right amount of calories.

6. The more exercise you do, the easier it is to burn fat.

A long slow walk will keep muscle and burn fat but man, is it boring. A better alternative is just to workout as much as you can. Of course you would expect me to say that but hear me out. A 30-40 minute workout with weights followed by a fast walk is an awesome way to increase your calories expenditure.

The Weight Loss Equation

The basic formula (which works 99% of the time) is burn more calories than you take in to lose weight.

But let’s add a couple things to this.

  • You should take in slightly (200-300) calories less than you burn to steadily lose fat. Your body needs fuel to repair itself.
  • This only works if you are taking in the proper number of calories from the start.
  • If you have a history of starving yourself with diets, this won’t work well for you because your metabolism is messed up. If this is the case, you need to increase your caloric intake along with exercise until your metabolism balances out.
  • Eating out and eating processed foods will artificially bloat your calorie count.
  • Artificial sweeteners will also give you false signals of when you are hungry.

So you may have some homework to do before this simple formula starts working but give it time.

Bonus Tip:

For a natural detox, try making the majority of your food water-based. Salads, fruit, vegetables, soup etc…

The water and fiber will flush your system out.


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Boost Your Weight loss with Omega 3 fats

Who put the fat in that drink?

are you drinking fat

image courtesy of

Here is a sneaky way to sabotage your waistline.

I just saw a nice piece on channel 2 news about drinking calories and obesity. It seems obvious when you think about it.

I can’t find the link but I did find this on Fox News, Are you Drinking too many calories?

Caution: In the article they say whole milk has too many calories and you shouldn’t drink it.

True or false?

The next few sentences are going to totally confuse you.

Fact: The body can only process so many calories at a time, the rest turns into fat.

This is why you need to avoid drinking high calorie drinks while you eat. Too many calories at once equals fat creation.

Fact: Drinking fat won’t make you fat.

You can actually have a higher fat diet and not gain fat. Don’t avoid Omega 3 fats.

They are your friend. Omega 3 fats reduce inflammation and help with a number of body functions.

This is why people on Paleo diets can eat high fat and lose fat at the same time.

So if you were to drink whole milk you would be ingesting more calories but it would also be more healthy fats that your body can use.

Whole milk will also fill you up.

Fact: Drinking beverages high in sugar (i.e. empty calories) will make you fat.

  1. Excess sugar gets converted to fat.
  2. Sugar will spike your insulin levels and screw up your hunger signs.

I am by no means a purist on these matters. My rule of thumb is to take a second and ask, ” What is this going to do for me?”

And if I am trying to drop a few pounds, I will avoid sugary drinks.

Other than they taste good, you just can’t make a good argument for drinking soda. There is no nutritional value and it plays havoc with your insulin.

But if given the choice, I would always choose regular soda over diet. Even though you aren’t technically ingesting calories, you are dumping a slew of toxic waste down your throat with artificially sweetened beverages. Better yet, avoid both if you can except on cheat days.

Take a look at this.

 Calories per 12 oz.
  • Water 0
  • Gatorade 75
  • Propel 15
  • Juice 140-210
  • Soft Drinks 149-154
  • Red Bull 110

That may not seem like a lot but remember when you are adding this to your meal, you are dumping empty calories into your body and right to your butt or waistline.

You are also wrecking your health.

3,500 calories in a pound of fat
2 sodas per day 300 calories x 7 days a week = 2100.
2100 x 52 = 31.2 pounds of fat.

Bottom-line: Don’t do that.

But are there any exceptions to this? What about just drinking your meal?

No, I am not talking about booze, I am talking about giving your digestion a break and drinking one meal a day.

This is a great way to get maximum absorption of nutrients and get quick energy.

1. Protein Drinks and meal replacements.


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Find a good one and get a couple good shake recipes and you are set. Morning, lunch, snack, before workout, after workout, before bed, the protein shake can’t be beat. Feed the muscles, replenish your blood sugar.

In fact, the good people over at ProGrade Nutrition are offering a free sample of their ProGrade Workout formula for you to try. Click here and try a free full size bottle. You just pay shipping and handling. That is fair, isn’t it?





2. BulletProof Coffee.

This has been my favorite drink of choice in the morning. BulletProof coffee in it’s simplest form is:

  • Coffee
  • Pasture based butter such as Kerry Gold.
  • Coconut oil
If you try this and it is too oily and thick, substitute MCT oil for the Coconut oil.
MCT oil ( medium chain triglycerides ) are fantastic for energy and the butter and coconut oil have high levels of omega 3 oil.
It is a great way to start the day.

So what is the takeaway in all this?

1. Don’t drink your calories while you are eating unless you factor in caloric expense.
2. Try not to drink anything that isn’t going to help you nutritionally.
3. Substitute a shake or bulletproof coffee for a meal everyday and notice the difference in how you feel.