Post 32: Workout: Circuit Total Body

 I have no idea on how to name these. It is Friday and I am tired but I want to give you some ideas for your workouts this weekend. I will probably come back to these posts and give them a name that is a little more descriptive but for now here you go.

 This one is part of a workout that went really well this morning. You need the following:

  • Exercise ball
  • Bench
  • Dumb bells

 Remember, this is a circuit so go from exercise to exercise quickly. Take a break at the end of the cycle. We are working on building muscle and upping your cardio. Don’t cheat yourself. Go fast and go hard.

I am working on taking pictures of the exercises to help you out if they are unfamiliar. Until then, if you aren’t sure about an exercise, google it. I will try and be descriptive. 

  1.  Split Squats- 25 each leg.
  2. Bench press with dumbbells- pick a weight you can do at least 10 reps with. Do as many as you can.
  3. Ab Crunches with feet on ball- at least 50. 
  4. Front raises with a dumbbell on your knees. If you do this right, you will feel it in your shoulders and core. Pick a weight that you can do 10-15 reps with. Again do as many as you can.
  5. Bicep curls on your knees with dumbbells- since you are on your knees, keep the core engaged as you do curls. Pick a weight you can do 10-15 reps and rep it out.
  6. Squat and hold against the wall- sumo style. This is feet wide apart and toes out. Beginners should hold at least 30 seconds. Advanced people should aim for 1-2 minutes. after the time expires, immediately do as many squats as you can to finish the legs off.
  7. Push-ups- as many as you can. If you start on your toes, move to your knees to get more reps in.
  8. Reverse Crunches- as many as you can. try to hold the crunch at the top for a second.
  9. Front raises- same as number 4.
  10. Bicep Curls- same as number 5.

 End of cycle 1. Repeat 3-5 times.
 remember to stretch as least 10 minutes at the end of this. Let me know how this works for you.

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Quickie Body Weight Workouts

Quickie Bodyweight Workouts are essential to getting in shape.


Because having quick workouts you can do without equpiment bridges the gap betweena full workout session and missing your training.

It is too easy to skip your training because you:

  • Don’t have enough time.
  • The gym is too far away.
  • The weather is bad.
  • It is too late.
  • It is too early

Everybody knows these excuses because everyone, including myself have used them.

So think of the quickie workout as a bridge between what you had planned and doing nothing.

Actually these workouts can be brutally hard if you push yourself.

So push yourself.

These are some screenshots taken from my online training program.

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Beginner BodyWeight Workout


Quickie 1A


























Intermediate Bodyweight workout

Quickie 1B
























Advanced Bodyweight workout

Quickie 1C






















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