Post 15: Best Weight Loss Advice….Ever?

This is a great article from the guys at Pro Grade Nutrition. People have been asking me why I decided to support Pro Grade instead of going with other well known ( multi-level Marketing ) companies. For me there are a couple of reasons.

  1. Pro Grade is not a mlm. I not trying to recruit anyone or make quotas each month.
  2. Pro Grade is one of the few nutrition companies out there that is gmp tested. This means you actually get what the bottle says you are getting.
  3. Because they do not have to monkey around with uplines and downlines and sales contests, they can actually take time and write articles that will help you, not try and sell product.

 So that is what we have for you today. If you agree with the information and want to try some stuff out, know that everything has a 60 day money back guarantee. If you like the information but want to buy your supplements somewhere else, that is okay. My job has always been to get good information in your hands to read. What you do after that is up to you.

Best Weight Loss Advice…Ever?

By Kevin DiDonato MS, CSCS, CES

If you are struggling with weight loss, then you MUST read this.

It contains information which may be VITAL to your health.

As an avid exerciser and dieter, you may be making KEY mistakes which may lead to INCREASED weight gain and “SICK” FAT CELLS.

And this weight gain may be slowly KILLING you – without you even knowing it.

Some may be SILENT killers, while others you may have the opportunity to CONTROL.

Regardless, taking IMMEDIATE steps TODAY may slow your weight gain, and possibly REDUCE it.

The end results may be a leaner, firmer, stronger, and younger you for years to come!

Most people laugh when I tell them these five things lead to weight gain, but then are amazed at the power they may have on their WEIGHT LOSS RESULTS.

#1 Your Stress Is literally KILLING You

Everyday you may feel stress.

And this stress may actually be KILLING you.

Stress causes your body to be put on alert, which may lead you to increase your energy intake.

Your body removes sugar from your blood for IMMEDIATE energy, which may leave you hungry.

And calorie-rich, nutrient-dense snacks are what MOST people go for when they are stressed.

And this can spell “bad news” for your WEIGHT.

Too many high-calorie, nutrient-dense snacks, may cause you to store those calories as fat.

With your life being high paced and stressful, with everyone working to deadlines, your STRESS levels may be through the roof.

And this stress may cause the exact opposite of what you want to happen: you may pack on the pounds!

So take a breather and relax, your waist and skinny jeans will appreciate it LATER.

#2  Is Sugar As Deadly As Illegal Drugs?

Okay, so maybe not as bad as most illegal drugs, but it may be close.

Sugar may increase neurotransmitters and opioids in your brain, which may provide comfort and enjoyment.

Dopamine (the neurotransmitter), may increase when you ingest sugar

Sugar may affect more than just your WAIST

As this hormone increases, your dopamine receptor sites may actually DECREASE.

This may increase your opiate receptors.

And since sugar may release both, dopamine and opioids, this may increase the addictive properties of sugar.

#3 It All Started BEFORE You Were Born…

You all know that exposure to hazardous chemicals WHILE pregnant may cause damage to the unborn child.

Toxins like chemicals, smoking, and drinking may lead to damage to your unborn child – especially the brain.

Now there is emerging research that says that exposure to junk food DURING pregnancy may be BAD.

That junk food may alter your developing child’s brain.

When your unborn child is exposed to junk food, it may
cause a predisposition to EATING junk food

Researchers have discovered that exposure to high-fat, high-sugar diets may lead to increased risk of obesity later on in life.

They determined that, during pregnancy, junk food exposure may lead to changes in the central reward system of your brain.

This may encourage overconsumption of HIGH-FAT and HIGH-SUGAR foods in YOUR child.

So if you are pregnant, limit your intake of high-sugar and high-fat foods.

It may be unforgiving to your hips, but also to your child’s developing brain.

#4 Can Being Overweight Cause You To Get FATTER?

Being overweight can ACTUALLY make you FATTER.

You may think that this is a no-brainer!

Give me a minute to explain…

Your fat cells release hormones which control how much you eat, and when you should stop eating.

When you are overweight, the signal to stop eating gets WEAKER.

The weaker signal may cause you to OVEREAT leading
to increased WEIGHT GAIN

This leads to increased energy consumption.

And it may get worse from there!

Increased weight may cause your cells to become resistant to many different hormones, which may disrupt your fat cells from doing their job.

That job is: regulation of your ENERGY INTAKE!

And this sickness may lead you down a dangerous path.

The more your fat cells become inflamed, may result in resistance to key hormones.

And this may wreak havoc on your metabolism.

Not only may it slow down your metabolism, but your body may have no IDEA if it is full or not.

This may lead to increase WEIGHT GAIN.

#5  Are There Any Anti-Fat Foods Out There?

Your cells may become inflamed with increased FAT levels.

But that is not the only reason why!

Damage caused by free radicals may also be a reason behind your WEIGHT GAIN.

And you might be thinking: is there anything I can do?

Of course there is!

Fruits and vegetables are loaded with powerful nutrients called antioxidants.

And these antioxidants may be the key to reducing inflammation.

Antioxidants may make your FAT cells regain normal hormone signaling again.

Antioxidants are powerful fighters against free radical damage.

Antioxidants suck up free radicals and DESTROY them

Antioxidants may destroy free radicals, which means they are no longer searching out STABLE molecules to steal electrons from.

This may REDUCE inflammation, which is powerful news for your metabolism.

Reducing inflammation may help your FAT cells to become “healthy” again.

Take Immediate ACTION Now

Being blessed with poor genes and bad dietary guidance, may not mean you are destined to spend your days overweight and TIRED.

Increasing fruit and vegetable intake and limiting your sugar intake, may help you LOSE WEIGHT and keep it off.

Altering your dietary intake may reduce inflammation, which may be causing your increasing waist line.

YOU may have the chance to reduce your INFLAMMATION by including plenty of fiber, INFLAMMATION fighting antioxidants, and limiting your sugar intake.

Your weight IS in YOUR control.

Start CHANGING your life today, and boost your METABOLISM one step at a time!

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