Post 33: Weblog Thursday Night- A Workout For the Weary

It seems like some of the common myths about personal trainers are that we are in such great shape that we never get tired and that every workout is world class. Well, I hate to burst your bubble but I am more like you than this mythical creature of legend. I have kids, a wife and a demanding job. Well okay, it is a great job and a lot of fun but nevertheless getting up at 4:30 am every morning wears on me. As the week goes on I get tired and worn out too.

 Thursday seems to be the worst. My plan on working out is to have the big ones on Saturday and Sunday. During the week I try to get in what I can. So in any given week it is about 5 workouts with weights and 3-5 runs. This is doable. During the weekday, I am not too concerned about the length of the workout, as long as I get something in. Thursday was such a case and this is what I am going to talk to you about.

 I preach about continuity. Depending on the muscle group, atrophy starts 48-72 hours after the last workout. This scares me and it should scare you. In other words, the muscle you have been working so hard to get tone, starts regressing into flab after 48-72 hours. So as important as letting muscle have time to rebuild, you can’t give it too much time off or you lose your gains. Put it this way, one workout a week just isn’t going to do anything for you. Usually I break my workouts into 3 parts:

 Day 1 Chest and Back

Day 2 Arms and shoulders

 Day 3 Legs

Day 4 Off

I add runs of 2-3 miles in wherever I can.

 Thursday is a tough day for me. I managed to get a run in late in the afternoon. As luck would have it, life stepped in my way for a while. I picked up the kids, worked on dinner and did all the family things I needed to do. At 7:30 pm the last thing I wanted to do is look at weights let alone lift them.

 But this is a critical lesson I have learned over the years. ” Don’t blow off workouts!”
 So I see this extreme tiredness and lethargy as a challenge. Most people would watch tv and go to bed but I don’t want to be average. I know that no matter how crappy the workout will be, it will be better than doing nothing. Plus it is another victory over that lazy voice I have inside my head that I seem to always be at war with.

( As I write this, it is Friday night at the voice is telling me I can always write this blog another day. Hah, nice try lazy voice. This is getting done tonight.)

So here is what I did. I am not here to tell you it was a mammoth workout. It was pretty wimpy but is was all I could do, so there. I know a number of you always find yourself in this position and it is to you I am directing this.

5 rounds- take your time. Just get it done.

1. Squat and Holds against the wall with an exercise ball. One Minute hold, then squat.

2. Rows dumbbells. 15-25 reps

3. Push-ups- as many as you can.

4. Knees to elbows 50 or so.


Again, this is something to do when you really don’t have the energy to workout. This is a great way to stretch the muscles out and give them a little work. Even three rounds is going to work. Do what you can but never give in to that inner voice.

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