VIP Online Training and Coaching

Because some people want/need a little more.

Why did I develop the VIP Online Training Program?

VIP Online Personal Training

My online training program at $10/month is a great way for people to get affordable access to personal training.

Simply put, that isn’t enough for some people. The VIP program is 100% geared towards your goals and I will hold you accountable for hitting them.

Who is the VIP Online Training Program For?

  • People who don’t have access to traditional personal training.
  • Anyone who doesn’t want to meet with a coach but have access to one.
  • People with extraordinarily busy schedules that have to fit in workouts when they can.
  • Anyone that doesn’t want to program their own workouts.
  • The person that needs extra accountability to meet their goals.

VIP Online Training

What is the VIP Online Training Program?

  • It is everything you get with my online training.
  • Bi-weekly phone calls/Skype.
  • Weekly goals to hit.
  • Weekly areas of ficus
  • Fully customized workouts. I do all the programming and scheduling for you.
  • Full nutritional advice.

Please do not consider this unless you are 100% committed to reaching your goals.

The VIP program is very time intensive for me. At $199/month I wanted to make it affordable and it is an immense value for what you get. I only have a limited number of spaces available and I only want to take the most dedicated clients. This is why we need to have an interview before I accept you.

If you have any reservations, check out My online training here for $10/month.

VIP Online Training Application

Please fill out the form below to provide me with the pertinent information I need to develop a customized plan.
I will contact you via the method you choose and we can discuss your goals.

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