Post 54: Vacation Training

 I just got back from vacation and I want to thank all the people at the Massanutten resort for not going to the gym. It is a great thing ( for me ) to go on vacation and have a gym all to myself. yeah I know that is selfish but after all i am on vacation. I tried to figure out how many people had access to the gym. There had to be several hundred timeshare units and most were full. Call that several thousand people on vacation in rural Virginia not working out. There were a bunch of people playing golf but I never understood that. 
By the time you add in green fees, cart rentals etc… you are paying at least $100 to chase a ball around a field all day with the hope that you did it a little better than last time. Most people really suck at it and there is little to no health aspect to it. Listen, you go play golf for four hours. I will go workout, shower, eat, take a nap and watch a movie in the same time. I ask you, what is the better use of time?
 So you are on vacation. This is the perfect time to workout. No urgent meetings to attend, no real reason to go anywhere. No chores, no bills to pay, no laundry to do. Do you really need to be first in line at the breakfast buffet?
I know you are thinking, ” Well yeah Mike, they are vacation. Who wants to work out on vacation?”
I do and you should too. here is why. When else do you have free time in your life and can actually set your own schedule? Most places you stay at have a more than adequate gym on premises. We took an overnight to Alexandria and stay at a Springhill Suites hotel. best gym I have ever seen in a hotel. Dumbbells from 5 to 50 lbs, a brand new pulley machine, 2 benches, elliptical, treadmill and recumbent. All brand new. Air conditioning and all the filtered water you can drink. Also empty. 
What do you really have to do? Sleep on an uncomfortable bed? Here is what I did and you should consider this too. Get up while your spouse and kids are sleeping. Run to the rec center or if you are in a hotel, get a cup of coffee and hit the gym. You know you won’t do it in the afternoon, so get it in now. it will make you feel a little less guilty about the food you know you are going to eat later in the day. 
Now check out how sweet this was. By the way, I not bragging about the fact I went on vacation. I know a lot of families won’t be able to swing a vacation this year. I average one a year and we went with the inlaws to save money. Anyway, I had been running to the rec center, working out and running back to the condo then eating breakfast.( I took along my high fiber oatmeal. ) I don’t like working out on an empty stomach. As luck would have it I found out the Pizza place was open in the morning and they served coffee and bagels. So the plan now changes. Run to the Pizzeria. Get a nice hot cup of coffee and a whole wheat bagel. A grand total of $3 spent but now I have carbs in the system and nice charge of cafffeine. Bring on the weights!
Not to put down the rest of the vacation but those mornings are always my favorite part of the vacation. I can have that ” me” time everyone needs. I can blast my music and the workout sets up the day for me. I really recommend you try it. Most people I find will workout the first day but that is about it. You are losing a great opportunity. You will have more energy the rest of the day, you can eat what you want and you put on as much weight.
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