Post 61: Turkish Get-Up Tutorial

Hey, how is everyone today?

Who Wants to do A Turkish Get-Up?

One of the great things about publishing a blog is that I can direct this wobbly ship anyway I want. One of the things I like to do is share information I find. Not crappy marketing info or generic filler articles but honest fitness stuff from fellow athletes who are in the trenches like you and me. This information is always better and always more credible. This is actual training you can use.

That is why I originally posted the video from Neghar Fonooni, the 36k Turkish Get-Up. Now everyone wants to learn how to do one and to be honest, I am not the one to show you. But Neghar is. When I originally asked her permission to post her video on my site, she agreed.

If I were a vain person I would put a video of myself doing them but since she is teaching me, I will bow to the master on this one. The explanation is simply the best I have found. But I need to warn you, this is a hard and humbling exercise. Don’t be an idiot and try this using weight until you have your form down.  Don’t be a bigger idiot by trying to use the weight she uses. She is a trained professional. Doing a 72 pound TGU would be like trying to walk into a 500 lb squat. Work your way into it. I am.
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Part 3 of 3

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