Why Personal Training Doesn’t Work.


Personal training doesn’t work.

I hate to be the one to say this, but it really doesn’t. While I am at it, I don’t think diet centers work either. I had this thought today and I have been trying all day to disprove it. And I can’t.

When you think of a personal trainer, what do you think of? A kid at 24 hour Fitness that shows you how to use the machines?

“This is a chest press. It works your chest.”

“This is a leg press, this works your legs”.

What I am saying is this. A trainer shows you how to use equipment and how to do the exercises. What else do they really do?

What does a diet center do?  The same thing.

“Eat this and swallow these pills and weigh in at the end of the week.”

Do you need this?

I mean, I have all this stuff on my website and it is free! If you want to learn how to use a chest press machine, there are hundreds if not thousands of videos on YouTube.

How many blogs talk about fat loss and nutrition?

What about Corrective Exercise?

All the information is out there. To be fair, some people can make progress. But there is a difference between progress and change. What happens when you stop going to the diet center? What happens when you stop going to the gym?

That is why I think trainers have a limited role in fitness. What you need is a coach and yes there is a difference.

Example 1: When I first started using my Ipad to shoot videos I needed help. I went right to YouTube and found some helpful videos that showed my how to operate the video camera. Problem solved.

Example 2: When I wanted to grow my fitness business I hired a coach. I wanted someone who knew my industry and could look at what I was doing and give me advice. What was I doing right and what did I need to fix? This is personal stuff and there is no way can I find this on a YouTube channel. I didn’t want generic advice or motivational speeches. I wanted to make a change.

Of all the clients I have trained, I can’t think of a single one that hasn’t tried to do it themselves. Getting back in shape is easy when you are young and gets more difficult as you get older. Throw in old injuries, aches and pains and the job of getting fit gets exponentially harder.

You may be in the same situation in your life. Everybody is different and has different needs. Whether you train with me in your home, in a small group or online, I want to deliver a true coaching experience.

Want to know the true secret to getting back in shape? It isn’t the exercises. You know what exercises you need to do. It isn’t nutrition. I think by this time everyone knows what they should eat more of and what they need to eat less of.

The value of a coach

The key is having someone coaching you to the next level. Someone who can watch what you are doing and make changes. Someone you can call, email or text with questions as they come up. A coach is someone who has a vested interest in you and will work with you.

I can attest that hiring a coach can be a difficult decision. You are going to hear things you don’t want to hear and asked to do things that you may not want to do. You may get taken out of your comfort zone. But isn’t that what change is all about?

As a coach, I need to figure out:

  • A solution for you that you can fit into your lifestyle.
  • A program that you will do even when I am not there.
  • A way to make practices become habits and habits become lifestyles.

At least that is my philosophy. Sound like something you have been looking for? If so, please fill out the form below and we can det up a free, no-obligation consultation.

I offer:

  • One on one personal training
  • Small group 2-6 people sessions. (a great way for the family to workout or some friends to get together)
  • Online Training
  • Individual phone or Skype consultations.

Contact Me

I offer in home and online personal training. This is customized training directed at achieving your goals. I offer a free 30 minute consultation and would love to talk with you. Just fill out the consult form and I will be in touch with you. I look forward to hearing from you.


Post 89: What Kind of Personal Trainer Are You?

Anybody want to know a little bit more about my training style and Philosophy?

Here is an interview I did a long time ago for a website a while back. I just stumbled across it and I think it gives some pretty good insight to where I am coming from as a trainer. Enjoy,

1. Why did you choose to become a personal trainer?

One day I realized what being fit has meant to me and the doors that it has opened. It is an awesome feeling to give my clients the same power. Training and reaching your fitness goals will change your life in more ways than you can imagine. So many people focus on the destination but the journey is far more interesting.

2. How am I different from other Personal trainers?

A lot of trainers avoid clients with health issues but those are the people that need the most help. My emphasis is on training people in the 35 to 60 age range.

My specialty is creating custom programs based on what you need to fix your health.

  • Fix any mobility issues.
  • Address flexibility and stiffness issues.
  • Work on strength and endurance.
  • Help you achieve your personal goals..


3. What is my biggest Challenge in Training Clients?

If we can get the mindset right everything else that is good will follow. This means looking at your life as a whole: Exercise, nutrition, supplementation, sleep and attitude. If I can get accurate information in these areas we can usually fix the problem areas quickly.

4.How do I deal with clients who aren’t serious?

I try not to judge people on how serious they are. Everybody is different and they show their level of commitment differently. The reason I have a website, videos and blogs is to give the potential client a chance to get to know me before they pick up the phone.

5. What is the most important component to personal training that I advocate to clients?

Communication. I know making changes in your lifestyle can be hard and I am on your side. If there are any issues I am not addressing, I want you to tell me. My business is based on referrals and you are my walking billboard. I can’t succeed if you don’t succeed and I will give you all the tools to meet your goal.

6. What are my strengths as a trainer? Weaknesses?

My strength is that I can create fun, functional programs for you regardless of your level of fitness, experience, amount of time or type of equipment you have. My weakness may be that sometimes I feel I want my clients to achieve their goals more than they do.

7. What do I think of the ever popular “Atkins Diet”?

Different diets and nutrition programs work for different people. If that is your thing, I will work with you on it. Diets fail because you are forced to make too big of a change in your eating habits. I prefer to look at the way you like to eat and make a few tweaks here and there and add a few supplements.

Free Nutrition and menu Planner


8. What “Question” do I come across with most clients?

“How Can I fit exercise into my crazy lifestyle?”

9. Who is my favorite Fitness author?

It changes almost weekly. Whether it is J.C. Santana, Kelly Starrett or Pat Rigsby, I am always reading and learning.

10. Who has been your greatest success story?

Listen, everybody is a success story. Everybody comes from a different place and has different reasons for starting serious training. Everybody has obstacles and fears to overcome and I respect that.

11. What is your advice for clients first starting a fitness program?

1. Find a trainer who has experience and will listen to what you want to accomplish.
2. Get an exercise and nutrition program you can realistically follow for the long term.
3. Commit to it 100%.
4. Make sure the program addresses all aspects of health and fitness.

12. What type of training do you prefer, one-on-one or group? Why?

I offer both one on one and small group ( 1-4 ) people. Small group training is more affordable and if you have a couple of friends who are at the same ability level it is a lot of fun. If you have a number of issues and need specialized attention, I would go one on one. at least until I have you at a level where I don’t have to focus on you 100%.

13. What are my personal goals for the future?

Personal training is my passion and I am fortunate that I can earn a living doing it full-time. That means I can concentrate on training a small select number of clients and keep the level of quality high. In the future I want to work on more functional training and rehabbing clients along with more specific nutrition programs.

I also want to make this website and blog a comprehensive research center for anyone who wants to get back in shape, lose fat and be healthy. Please take advantage of this site. There is a ton of free stuff and access to some of the best fitness information on the web.

14. Anything else?

Definitely. have fun and enjoy life. Life is short. Don’t walk around in pain or huffing and puffing. Take charge of your health.

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Post 50: 3 Common Weight Loss Myths

 Here is an interesting article from the guys at Prograde about detoxing your fat cells.

I am an affiliate of Prograde Nutrition so click here to find out exactly what that means.

The big question that personal trainers struggle with is the client that just doesn’t lose fat as expected. I am not talking about the client who you know doesn’t do the cardio and doesn’t follow nutrition recommendations. I am talking about about someone who seems to be doing everything right yet they are still not getting the results they should.

I trained a client in Castle Rock a few years ago. She was in her mid thirties, two small kids and wanted to get in shape. She was a runner and had an athletic back ground. Her body fat was in the high twenties. This should have been a great success story.

  • She busted her butt on the workouts.
  • She was in great cardio shape and she had above average strength.
  • She was running on the treadmill on non-workout days.
  • She was enthusiastic.
  • There was no indication she was sabotaging the training in any way.
  • Her life did not seem to be overly stressful.

Yet the results were minimal. There had to be something else going on. This is why I am open to the idea of hormone imbalances and the effect they can have on fat cells. It is a medical fact that your hormones get thrown out of whack when you have children, so it is possible that certain hormones may end up staying at the wrong levels afterward.

The problem is that getting tested for this stuff seems to never be covered by insurance. and it is pricy.
 This article is based on the research by Dr. Mike Roussell. Click on the end of the article and you will be taken to a video that explains fat detox in detail and offer for a fat detox program. As with everything I offer on my blog and website, it is fully guaranteed so you have nothing to lose.

Three Common Weight Loss Myths – Debunked

By Kevin DiDonato MS, CSCS, CES

Fifty years ago, adding physical activity and changing your diet were all you needed to do to lose weight and keep it off.

However, flash forward to today, and the same formula for weight loss does not hold true.

In fact, today there are many other factors which contribute to weight gain, and why for millions of people worldwide, it is much harder for you (and them) to lose weight.

Chronic inflammation, which is low-level inflammation that is present in your body and could signal the start of many different disease processes, is on the rise and could be the leading cause for dysfunctional fat cells.

Dysfunctional fat cells, research suggests, could inhibit your fat cells’ ability to secrete powerful hormones.  These powerful hormones could be the key to helping you lose weight.

By not secreting these hormones, your body may have a harder time using stored fat, which could prevent you from having a lean and tone figure.

Today, we have debunked some of the common myths associated with your fat cells.

Myth #1: Your Fat Cells Are Just A Storage Unit – FALSE

People once thought of fat cells as pockets where fat from food goes – allowing for storage of fat to be used for energy later.

Now, however, research suggests that your fat cells are, in fact, alive and metabolically active.

Your fat cells, commonly known as white adipose tissue, could be the largest endocrine organ in your body.

Just like your thyroid and pancreas, your fat cells release many different hormones, which directly impact your weight loss success.

One hormone in particular, Adiponectin, could help you lose weight and keep it off.

However, research shows that being overweight could cause your fat cells to slow the secretion of Adiponectin and other key hormones, which could make it even harder for you to lose weight.

Chronic inflammation, which is low-level inflammation and is always present in your body, could cause your fat cells to become dysfunctional, therefore altering their ability to release powerful weight loss hormones.

Myth #2: Your Fat Cells Can Burn Off – FALSE

Your fat cells shrink but they do not burn off.

This means that during exercise, or cases of extreme fasting, your fat cells release stored fatty acids for use as calories (energy).

This could help to shrink the SIZE of the fat cells.

However, by overeating, there is an influx of calories which your body tends to store as fat.

And this could increase the size of your fat cells.  However, when your fat cells are at full capacity, they send a signal to smaller, undeveloped fat cells, to divide and take on more fatty acids.

This could create more fat cells to store extra fatty acids.

Myth #3: What You Put in (and on) Your Body Can Slow Fat Loss – TRUE

There are a lot of factors involved when you are trying to lose weight now, than there were 50 years ago.

Exercise and diet do play a role in your body’s ability to burn stored fat; and this could enhance your fat cells’ ability to secrete hormones, causing you to lose weight.

However, there are certain environmental factors which need to be considered when you are trying to lose weight.

Today, there are more hormones and antibiotics injected into livestock which, once eaten, could alter the hormone levels in your body.

Plus, there are also hundreds of chemicals that you are exposed to over the course of the day, which could also alter your hormone levels and lead to weight gain.

Certain chemicals act as endocrine blockers and potentially could alter your ability to gain lean mass by throwing your hormones out of whack.

This could increase the storage of fats from your blood, making it harder for you to lose unwanted belly fat.

Optimize Your Fat Burning Potential

Research suggests that your body could have toxic fat cells, which could limit your fat cells’ ability to secrete powerful weight loss hormones.

Toxic fat cells could also increase your risk for developing heart disease, insulin resistance, metabolic syndrome, and diabetes.

However, by losing weight and altering your hormone levels, you could have the ability to transform your fat cells, making them happier and healthier for years to come.

NEXT: Discover How To Detoxify Your Fat Cells >>
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Post 36: Questions You Are Afraid to Ask Your Personal Trainer.

 Personal trainers and stereotypes? Yeah, believe it or not people have pre-conceptions about my profession. You too may have questions but were afraid to ask.

So let’s play

Ask a personal trainer. 

1. If I ask you these questions will you make me push-ups for the entire hour?

          No. I don’t think I have ever been offended by a question. Even if I was, I have never made anyone do push-ups for an hour. Now drop and give me twenty Ha Ha Ha!

2. I hear most trainers are gigolos. Are you a gigolo?

I am happily married and have two kids. I am the farthest thing from a gigolo.

 3. I hear most trainers are as dumb as a brick. Are you as dumb as a brick?

Well, you can draw you own conclusions on that one. I have a B.A. in History and a B.S. in Business Management from Trinity University. I am one of those corporate drop-outs that decided I would be happier pursuing what I love rather than playing the corporate game.

 4. You look older than twenty. I thought you had to be twenty years old to be a trainer.

    How much did you know about anything at age twenty? I am pretty sure that anyone who can stay up all night, eat anything they want and never gain a pound of fat is not the type of trainer that is going to be sympathetic to the issues of a fifty year old. I really don’t think there are any age limits for trainers. I am 46 now, which is about the average age of my clients.

5. Do you have to bench 300 pounds to be a trainer?

  No, I am afraid you have to actually study and take tests to become a trainer. Actually you don’t and that is the scary part about this. I think there are a lot of trainers out there whose only credentials are that they can bench 300 +.

6. Do you wear spandex and jump around?

I do not wear spandex and I rarely jump around unless we are doing plyometrics.

7. Do you take your shirt off and stare in the mirror when we train?

No, I am really not that vain.

8. Do you shout at clients when you train them like they do on ” Biggest Loser”?

No, I have never shouted at anyone and I am not going to start now.

9. Do you make your clients push cars and stuff like they do on ” Biggest Loser”?

Remember, the ” Biggest Loser” is just a TV show.

10. Have you ever had anyone have a heart attack while training?

No one has ever had a heart attack while working out with me.

Join me next time as maybe I will field another batch of questions.
 In the mean time have you joined my fitness university? Look to your right and you will see the sign-up form. It is free and it will help you get in shape.

If you are interested in personal training, please go to my website and let me know.

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Post 33: Weblog Thursday Night- A Workout For the Weary

It seems like some of the common myths about personal trainers are that we are in such great shape that we never get tired and that every workout is world class. Well, I hate to burst your bubble but I am more like you than this mythical creature of legend. I have kids, a wife and a demanding job. Well okay, it is a great job and a lot of fun but nevertheless getting up at 4:30 am every morning wears on me. As the week goes on I get tired and worn out too.

 Thursday seems to be the worst. My plan on working out is to have the big ones on Saturday and Sunday. During the week I try to get in what I can. So in any given week it is about 5 workouts with weights and 3-5 runs. This is doable. During the weekday, I am not too concerned about the length of the workout, as long as I get something in. Thursday was such a case and this is what I am going to talk to you about.

 I preach about continuity. Depending on the muscle group, atrophy starts 48-72 hours after the last workout. This scares me and it should scare you. In other words, the muscle you have been working so hard to get tone, starts regressing into flab after 48-72 hours. So as important as letting muscle have time to rebuild, you can’t give it too much time off or you lose your gains. Put it this way, one workout a week just isn’t going to do anything for you. Usually I break my workouts into 3 parts:

 Day 1 Chest and Back

Day 2 Arms and shoulders

 Day 3 Legs

Day 4 Off

I add runs of 2-3 miles in wherever I can.

 Thursday is a tough day for me. I managed to get a run in late in the afternoon. As luck would have it, life stepped in my way for a while. I picked up the kids, worked on dinner and did all the family things I needed to do. At 7:30 pm the last thing I wanted to do is look at weights let alone lift them.

 But this is a critical lesson I have learned over the years. ” Don’t blow off workouts!”
 So I see this extreme tiredness and lethargy as a challenge. Most people would watch tv and go to bed but I don’t want to be average. I know that no matter how crappy the workout will be, it will be better than doing nothing. Plus it is another victory over that lazy voice I have inside my head that I seem to always be at war with.

( As I write this, it is Friday night at the voice is telling me I can always write this blog another day. Hah, nice try lazy voice. This is getting done tonight.)

So here is what I did. I am not here to tell you it was a mammoth workout. It was pretty wimpy but is was all I could do, so there. I know a number of you always find yourself in this position and it is to you I am directing this.

5 rounds- take your time. Just get it done.

1. Squat and Holds against the wall with an exercise ball. One Minute hold, then squat.

2. Rows dumbbells. 15-25 reps

3. Push-ups- as many as you can.

4. Knees to elbows 50 or so.


Again, this is something to do when you really don’t have the energy to workout. This is a great way to stretch the muscles out and give them a little work. Even three rounds is going to work. Do what you can but never give in to that inner voice.

Hey, have you enrolled in my free M Factor Fitness University yet? Go to and enroll now. You will get a great free E-Book, Absolutely Abs and you will be on the fast track to getting a PHD in workoutology.

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