An Ugly Kettlebell Circuit For Legs

 Ready to get ugly?

Choose your weapon. 45, 55 or 70 pounds of pure fun!

Choose your weapon. 45, 55 or 70 pounds of pure fun!

Kettle bells circuits are, in my opinion, the best type of circuit you can do. They are unforgiving. If your form starts breaking down, you will pay for it. So unlike other types of circuits,these demand your full attention.

This is an ugly, ugly circuit for those of you who want to blast your legs. I have no idea why I was so mad at my legs that day. Oh yeah, I remember…I wanted to make them bigger and stronger. And this is how you do it.

Now, if you don’t have kettle bells, you can do this circuit with dumbbells. The only exercise you will have to replace is the swings. You can substitute 5-10 burpees or maybe do some pull-ups, rows or push-ups.

What you need:


I use 35 lb and 45 lb. ( I know it is cooler to use KG’s but what can I say, I am an American,. You should use a weight that will test you. remember, this is training not show off time. Kettlebell training should be a thing of beauty. I want nice controlled, smooth movements that work to transform your body into a single unit. Don’t be jerky or spasmodic and the most important rule of all….

If you can’t keep your form intact you are using too heavy a bell.

If you feel this in your lower back you need a lighter bell or you need to work on your form.

Take breaks if you need to. I don’t want your form breaking down because you think you need to work to the bell.

Interval Timer

Here is a sample of hiit timers. Most have a free version that will work just fine.

Here is a sample of hiit timers. Most have a free version that will work just fine.







Interval timer- If you don’t have one on your phone, download one. They are free and they work great. Just go to your app store and search for HIIT (high intensity interval timer). Go to settings and you will see an area for sets, high interval and low interval. The high interval is the work period and the low interval is the rest period. The names may be different depending on what app you download but you are smart and I have full confidence you can figure it out.

Suggested interval settings

Set the sets for 9.

50 seconds work and 10 seconds rest. Advanced

45 seconds work and 15 seconds rest. Intermediate

40 seconds work and 20 seconds rest. Beginner.



1. Kettlebells Swings- nice smooth swings.

2. Deadlift- use your legs and touch the kettlebell to the floor if you can.

3. Romanian or stiff legged Deadlift holding 1 Kettlebell. Stand on your left leg and hold kettlebell in the same hand. Do this exercise slow and deliberate. You may want to use a lighter weight for the first set as this really stretches out the hamstrings.

4. Romanian deadlifts Right side.

5. Front Squat- Use one Kettlebell and clean it to your left shoulder. Rack it there and squat.

6. Front squat right side.

7. Lunges Left leg. Hold either one or two kettlebells and step into the lunge and back with your left leg.

8. Lunges Right Leg

9. Kettlebell Swings

Let me know what you think.

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Quickie Body Weight Workouts

Quickie Bodyweight Workouts are essential to getting in shape.


Because having quick workouts you can do without equpiment bridges the gap betweena full workout session and missing your training.

It is too easy to skip your training because you:

  • Don’t have enough time.
  • The gym is too far away.
  • The weather is bad.
  • It is too late.
  • It is too early

Everybody knows these excuses because everyone, including myself have used them.

So think of the quickie workout as a bridge between what you had planned and doing nothing.

Actually these workouts can be brutally hard if you push yourself.

So push yourself.

These are some screenshots taken from my online training program.

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Beginner BodyWeight Workout


Quickie 1A


























Intermediate Bodyweight workout

Quickie 1B
























Advanced Bodyweight workout

Quickie 1C






















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