Why Personal Training Doesn’t Work.


Personal training doesn’t work.

I hate to be the one to say this, but it really doesn’t. While I am at it, I don’t think diet centers work either. I had this thought today and I have been trying all day to disprove it. And I can’t.

When you think of a personal trainer, what do you think of? A kid at 24 hour Fitness that shows you how to use the machines?

“This is a chest press. It works your chest.”

“This is a leg press, this works your legs”.

What I am saying is this. A trainer shows you how to use equipment and how to do the exercises. What else do they really do?

What does a diet center do?  The same thing.

“Eat this and swallow these pills and weigh in at the end of the week.”

Do you need this?

I mean, I have all this stuff on my website and it is free! If you want to learn how to use a chest press machine, there are hundreds if not thousands of videos on YouTube.

How many blogs talk about fat loss and nutrition?

What about Corrective Exercise?

All the information is out there. To be fair, some people can make progress. But there is a difference between progress and change. What happens when you stop going to the diet center? What happens when you stop going to the gym?

That is why I think trainers have a limited role in fitness. What you need is a coach and yes there is a difference.

Example 1: When I first started using my Ipad to shoot videos I needed help. I went right to YouTube and found some helpful videos that showed my how to operate the video camera. Problem solved.

Example 2: When I wanted to grow my fitness business I hired a coach. I wanted someone who knew my industry and could look at what I was doing and give me advice. What was I doing right and what did I need to fix? This is personal stuff and there is no way can I find this on a YouTube channel. I didn’t want generic advice or motivational speeches. I wanted to make a change.

Of all the clients I have trained, I can’t think of a single one that hasn’t tried to do it themselves. Getting back in shape is easy when you are young and gets more difficult as you get older. Throw in old injuries, aches and pains and the job of getting fit gets exponentially harder.

You may be in the same situation in your life. Everybody is different and has different needs. Whether you train with me in your home, in a small group or online, I want to deliver a true coaching experience.

Want to know the true secret to getting back in shape? It isn’t the exercises. You know what exercises you need to do. It isn’t nutrition. I think by this time everyone knows what they should eat more of and what they need to eat less of.

The value of a coach

The key is having someone coaching you to the next level. Someone who can watch what you are doing and make changes. Someone you can call, email or text with questions as they come up. A coach is someone who has a vested interest in you and will work with you.

I can attest that hiring a coach can be a difficult decision. You are going to hear things you don’t want to hear and asked to do things that you may not want to do. You may get taken out of your comfort zone. But isn’t that what change is all about?

As a coach, I need to figure out:

  • A solution for you that you can fit into your lifestyle.
  • A program that you will do even when I am not there.
  • A way to make practices become habits and habits become lifestyles.

At least that is my philosophy. Sound like something you have been looking for? If so, please fill out the form below and we can det up a free, no-obligation consultation.

I offer:

  • One on one personal training
  • Small group 2-6 people sessions. (a great way for the family to workout or some friends to get together)
  • Online Training
  • Individual phone or Skype consultations.

Contact Me

I offer in home and online personal training. This is customized training directed at achieving your goals. I offer a free 30 minute consultation and would love to talk with you. Just fill out the consult form and I will be in touch with you. I look forward to hearing from you.


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Episode 2: Why People quit, how to design an awesome ab workout and anal explosions!

This was a fun little podcast to do.

Jillian Michaels won’t be talking about this stuff! Guaranteed!

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Post 94: No Goals, Crazy Goals, Just Plain Dumb Goals And Other Things About Goals

Which is worse: having no goal or having a dumb goal?

Ever think about that?

Image courtesy of Goals are stupid, i want to be thin!

Image courtesy of
Goals are stupid, i want to be thin!

Do goals stress you out?

They would really be a huge waste of time except for the fact that they work.

Unless they are dumb goals and that is the reason for this post.

Some people have an odd nebulous vision that they call a goal. It can be dumb and unrealistic but it is not a goal because a goal isn’t a goal until it is written down.

I have a confession to make. I am one of the worst at goals. I will take a stab at some idea, call it a goal, then change it as the circumstances change. That is just laziness and I admit that.

So if you think I called you dumb, brother I am right there beside you.

But this can all change today. This is my new mindset for this blog. (day three of the blog challenge if you are keeping count.)

I am going to help you figure out realistic goals. You’re job is to write them down and look at them several times a day. I am going to do this myself and hold myself accountable. I will also be accountable to you so feel free to ask me any questions about my goals.

Ready? Cool.

Here are some facts to help.

  • You can lose 2 pounds of fat per week safely if you work at it.
  • The heavier you are, the easier it will be to lose the weight at first.
  • Plateaus are part of the fitness game. Expect them and don’t freak out over them.
  • Female clients gain 4-7 pounds of muscle when they start training. This is what you probably call firming up.
  • Guys can gain 8-15 pounds.
  • So any fat loss the first couple of weeks may be offset by the muscle weight. Again, don’t freak.
  • The first 2-5 pounds can be attributed to water weight and other crap (literally sometimes) that your body gets rid of when you start eating cleaner.

So let’s take a look at a goal to lose 50 pounds.

How long can it take?

Here is an actual spreadsheet for a client. Here you can see that the muscle weight will offset the fat loss for the first couple of weeks. If she stays on track she will lose almost 25 pounds in 12 weeks. Taking into account illness, missed workouts etc… I would say it would take about 28 weeks to lose 50 pounds of fat.

Could she lose it faster? Maybe but this is a pretty aggressive goal as it is.

Sample Fat loss sheet

So given that this is a best case scenario, this is a realistic goal to shoot for.

You may need help with nutrition planning. If this is the case I have something you may have an interest in. It is the best nutrition and exercise planner I have come across. Best of all it is free. Yup free. No strings attached. Here is the link.

So here is your homework. Think about how much weight you would like to lose and how long it would take to realistically do it.

In the next couple of posts we will start getting in to the mechanics of how to create an effective program.
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Michael Medvig is a personal trainer and owner of M Factor Fitness Inc., an in home personal training company in Parker Colorado. This blog represents opinions on fitness. Do your own research and draw your own conclusions. All information and materials on this site are provided as is and without warranty of any kind. These materials (including all text, images, logos, compilation, and design, unless otherwise noted) are copyright 2001-2010 M Factor Fitness Inc. All rights reserved. Copyright 2001-2010 M Factor Fitness Inc. All rights reserved. |

Post 53: How Many Calories Should You Be Eating?

How many calories should you be eating?
If you are not losing fat as fast as you would like or if you have trouble gaining muscle, then chances you are not eating enough. This is the number one issue I deal with as a trainer. Most people have an idea of what it means to eat “clean” but they also don’t really know how much they should be eating. So that is what we are going to tackle today.
Counting calories is a chore. There are a number of free apps you can put on your phone that can make this easier. I am thinking of My Fitness Pal and Calorie Counter as two that work well. I am not saying you will have to count every meal the rest of your life. I am saying it would be well worth your time to
 1. Figure out how many calories you should be eating.
 2. Record what you are eating until you get a feel for how many calories you are eating.
Make sense? Here is today’s math. REE + AEE= TEE
Resting energy expenditure plus activity energy expenditure = Total energy expenditure.
Resting energy expenditure is how many calories your body needs at rest. This is pretty easy to figure out.
Males: REE calories = 11 x body weight in pounds
Females: REE calories = 10 x body weight in pounds
So say you are a female and weight 180 pounds. 180*10 = 1800 calories. 
This means you have to consume 1800 calories to maintain your current weight if all you did was sleep all day. No other activities. 
Important Note: These formulas are just an estimate of calories. There are a number of different formulas but the idea is to give you a ballpark estimate of how much you should be eating.
Activity energy expenditure is how many additional calories you should be eating to maintain your weight. Find the Activity level below to find your AEE.
Activity level                                                                                                              Male Female
Sleeping, reclining                                                                                                        1.0    1.0
Minimal movement, mainly sitting/lying
Activities include watching television and reading                                                    1.3    1.3
Office work, sitting, day consists of sleeping 8 hrs
with 16 hrs of walking or standing
Activities include walking, laundry, golf, ping pong,
walking on level ground at 2.5-3 mph
*Usually includes 1 hr of moderate activity                                                                  1.6    1.5
Light manual labor
Activities include walking 3.5-4 mph, carrying a
load, cycling, tennis, dancing, weeding, and hoeing                                                  1.7    1.6
Very active:
Full-time athletes, agricultural laborers, active
military duty, hard laborers (mine and steel workers)
Activities include walking with a load uphill, team
sports, climbing                                                                                                               2.1    1.9
Extremely active:
Lumberjacks, construction workers, coal miners,
some full-time athletes with daily strenuous training                                                    2.4    2.2
 So let’s say our test subject is sedentary. Her AEE would be 1.3.
1800 ( REE) x 1.3 ( AEE) = 2340 calories. ( TEE )
This may seem like a lot of calories to you but this is also the reason people have trouble losing fat. Their metabolism has been beaten down after years of low calorie dieting. This represents a normal metabolism.
So what do you do with this?
Well, to lose weight eat less than your TEE ( 2340 calories ) but more than your REE ( 1800 ).
It is really as simple as that. Eat less than 1800 calories and you are not providing your body with enough calories to perform all the functions it needs to. This will lead to a slowing of your metabolism to hoard calories. 
Really this makes sense.
1. The more you weigh, the more calories your body needs each day.
2. The more active you are, the more calories your body needs.
The last key here to take in is please give your body calories it can use. The more nutrient dense the food you eat, the better you will feel.
 I took the above info from a course I took called Winning Sports Nutrition form DSW fitness.
I hope this helps.
Visit me at Michael Medvig is a personal trainer and owner of M Factor Fitness Inc., an in home personal training company in Parker Colorado. This blog represents opinions on fitness. Do your own research and draw your own conclusions. All information and materials on this site are provided as is and without warranty of any kind. These materials (including all text, images, logos, compilation, and design, unless otherwise noted) are copyright 2001-2010 M Factor Fitness Inc. All rights reserved. Copyright 2001-2010 M Factor Fitness Inc. All rights reserved. |

Post 29: Obesity Facts the Government Doesn’t Want You To Know

 One in Three US Adults are Obese??????

The AFP is very protective of their stories. They are not very fun, are they?
Copyright AFP 2008, AFP stories and photos shall not be published, broadcast, rewritten for broadcast or publication or redistributed directly or indirectly in any medium

Okay,  okay, I won’t. Geez. Can I least reference the article? I am giving you a link to look at this.

The basic gist of the article is this:
1. 1 out of 3 Americans are obese.
2. Good news is that this figure hasn’t changed in a dozen years.
3. Bad news is that this figure hasn’t changed in a dozen years.
4. Also, if you add in ” Overweight”  people the figure is closer to 2 out of 3.

This will be a study in government manipulation and just lazy thinking. As a member of the M Factor Fitness family I know you aren’t going to stand for this and neither am I. Please question authority. By calling people out and exposing the truth maybe we can make this a healthier nation.

P.S. If you are reading this, I consider you a person of high intelligence and thoughtfulness. Especially if you agree with me. (:
So please take a second and read this article and we can come back and discuss.

Critical analysis:

1. 1 out of every 3 Americans are obese.
     All you have to do is look around you to see this isn’t true. The next time you are in a crowd, take a look around. You will see some overweight people, sure. You will see a number of people that could be in better shape but 33%?

2. 2 out of 3 Americans are overweight or obese. This is even more farfetched. What can be causing this because I sure don’t see this.

So this should lead you to the question….

3. How is this being measured?
The government introduced the BMI as the official measure of fitness or fatness in 1998. Before that, they didn’t bother to measure fitness. You had height and weight charts and that was about it. Oh yeah, you had calipers that actually measured body fat. This didn’t seem to fit in with the government plans so this wasn’t considered.
The new measures are based around the BMI. Take your height and divide it by your weight ( or vice versa ) and you have an instant measure of health.

  0 to 18.5  underweight
 18.5 to 24.5  normal
 25 to 29.5  overweight
30 +            obese.

So what is wrong with that?  Isn’t this the latest and greatest measure of fitness? Not really. It was developed between 1830 and 1850 and it really doesn’t measure fitness or health. So let’s put two and two together here. The government , prodded by drug and weight loss companies ( just my opinion ) decided we had an obesity epidemic in 1998. How do you justify an epidemic? Can’t use bodyfat testing. Too cumbersome, besides it won’t give you that epidemic number you want. Why not pull something  from before the civil war. Now we are talking.

2. So let’s look at the BMI in all it’s glory.

Tim Tebow
245 lbs
BMI  30.6    Obese

Arnold Alois Schwarzenegger
competition weight 235
BMI 30.2     OBESE

James Harrison
245 lbs
BMI  33.2

 Alicia Sacramone
117 lbs
 BMI 22.1      Average

Any of these athletes look fat to you?

Lo and behold, look at the epidemic we have created! We need to get these athletes on a diet asap!
So can we agree that the BMI tables are ridiculous?

I know what some of you are thinking. ” Hey Mike, those are all athletes, most people don’t look like that”. Agreed but go to your local gym and see how many average men and women would rate high on the BMI. Since muscle is denser than fat, it weighs more but takes up less room. So it really doesn’t take a lot of muscle to push you outside your ” normal levels”.

 Okay Mike, what does this have to do with me?
 Everything. Your life and health insurance rates are based on this. By people just accepting this bogus measurement tool, we have opened ourselves up to the government stepping in to control our lives. Or if you aren’t as conspiracy minded as I am, then how about just the blatant fact that this is a bad way to measure fitness?

So if the obesity rate hasn’t changed significantly since the introduction of the BMI, can we assume that there wasn’t really an epidemic to begin with? That is up to you. I hear talk of childhood obesity being rampant. Yet when I look at kids at play in the schoolyard I certainly don’t see it. I see a couple overweight kids, a couple skinny kids and everyone else is in-between.

Are there overweight and obese people. Sure. Epidemic? I am not so sure about that. And I am a personal trainer. I am the one who whips my clients into shape but something just doesn’t seem right here.

Visit me at Michael Medvig is a personal trainer and owner of M Factor Fitness Inc., an in home personal training company in Parker Colorado. This blog represents opinions on fitness. Do your own research and draw your own conclusions. All information and materials on this site are provided as is and without warranty of any kind. These materials (including all text, images, logos, compilation, and design, unless otherwise noted) are copyright 2001-2010 M Factor Fitness Inc. All rights reserved. Copyright 2001-2010 M Factor Fitness Inc. All rights reserved. |

Post 26: Are You Ready To Give Up The Gym?

Hey, it is that time again. This is the time when people start losing momentum in the gym. It happens every year and it never seems to change. Hopefully this isn’t happening to you.

  • Things suddenly come up and interrupt your workout.
  • Things suddenly come up and you cancel your workout.
  • The weather is too cold/snowy/wet/dark to go to the gym.
  • The gym is too crowded.
  • You are getting bored doing the same workout.
  • You feel like you are coming down with something, so you stay home.
  • Not satisfied with your progress, so you are ready to give up.
  • You have figured out that you really don’t like working out.

Well….DON’T GIVE UP! I can’t help the people who are reading other blogs and give up.  They may be getting bad advice. They need help but I can’t be everywhere. But you, you are reading this blog and you may be in agreement with one or two of the statements above. So I am focusing my attention on you and we are going to try and fix this issue. Now once we fix this issue, please use social media to spread this around to help those other people.

So clear some space on your sofa because I am going to sit down beside you and share 5 important workout rules. Understand these rules and you will catch your second wind.  I am a simple trainer who is in charge of getting my clients in shape. My people get results because they work hard and they get good advice. We take time for granted. Use your workout time correctly and you will get better results in less time. You may even grow to like this.

1. It is easy to workout when you want to.
    If fitness was easy, everyone would be in shape. If you feel like working out and go have a workout, have you really tested yourself? No. You learn about yourself and gain self-knowledge and discipline when you workout when you don’t want to. And you will also get your best workouts. Then you get results. Consistency.  That is the trick. Next time you want to cancel your workout, ask yourself ” is this a test”? Don’t wimp out on workouts.

2. You get your results at the end of the set.

     The value to doing a a set is never in the first couple of reps. It is always how far you push yourself at the end. If you don’t understand this, you will never get the results you want. Whether you are tied to doing a set number of reps or if you flinch at pain, you have to get over it. The set is done when you can’t do another rep. Even then, I have techniques I use to push beyond it. But for the sake of argument, you know you can push each set a little harder. Should you take every set to failure? No. Once you are warmed up, make sure you go to failure at least once per body part.

3. The gym is not at fault.

Don’t blame the gym. The gym is there to enroll members and stay in business. Most gym trainers will give you average workouts and workout routines because, well, most people are average and they deal in volume. Buyer beware. Don’t rely on anyone to do 100% of the work for you when it comes to working out and nutrition. There is more than enough good information out there for you to educate yourself on fitness. Not to mention that there are a bunch of places to work out. A gym is what first comes to mind but you can also look at Crossfit facilities and, of course, your house. Try them and draw your own conclusions.
I provide a specialized service to my clients and I can charge more because of it. If you have the means, you may want to look into in home personal training.
Second, if the gym is too crowded, too hot, too cold, plays the wrong music, doesn’t have the right equipment….too bad. Work around it, go at a different time or join another gym. Any gym changes character throughout the day. The personality of the crowd changes and the energy levels change. Learn to workout at home. The point is to not let little inconveniences derail you.

4. Never take more than 1 day off at a time.

   Nothing wrong with a day off. 2 days off starts a trend and it is much harder to go back in the gym after two days. Three is worse. Whatever you need to do, never take more than one day off. Trust me on this.
5. Have a go to workout always handy.
    This is a back pocket workout. I have one and I am going to give you the one I give to my clients. A back Pocket workout is when you only have 15-20 minutes and can’t get to a gym. This can be done anywhere and is hard enough to count as a workout. Adjust as needed. By that I mean make it harder if you want. Never make it easier but I don’t have to tell you that.

  • Do this with good form but quickly. 
  • Take a break at the end of the circuit if you need to or go into the next round.
  • Always do the number of reps. Even if you have to break the set into several smaller sets.

25 Squats
25 push-ups
25 Knees to elbows. ( Doing a crunch and a reverse crunch at the same time. )

Do this 4 rounds as quickly as you can.

Good, we are done here. I hope you took something away from this and as always, thank you for reading this. Comments are appreciated and if you liked this pass it on.

Visit me at http://www.mfactorfitness.comMedvig is a personal trainer and owner of M Factor Fitness Inc., an in home personal training company in Parker Colorado. This blog represents opinions on fitness. Do your own research and draw your own conclusions. All information and materials on this site are provided as is and without warranty of any kind. These materials (including all text, images, logos, compilation, and design, unless otherwise noted) are copyright 2001-2010 M Factor Fitness Inc. All rights reserved. Copyright 2001-2010 M Factor Fitness Inc. All rights reserved. |

Post 14: Are You Going to Make a New Year’s Resolution to be Fit? Part 1

 Is this the year you are going to turn your life around and finally get in shape? Very cool. I have been training a number of people for a long time so I thought I would give you a couple of tips to get you started. You can disagree with me if you want but since I am right about this, why waste your time. I am assuming you are a beginner, age range 30-50.

1. Get a check-up- Yeah yeah yeah, you are thinking I have to say this to cover my butt. Listen, I have seen people really jack themselves up by jumping into exercise programs they have no business being in. Sorry Cross Fit,  Boot Camp and P90X people. All I am saying is make sure nothing is wrong and you have clearance from the Doctor to exercise. This brings me to point #2.

2. Take it easy at first. I don’t care what you hear or say on television, Cross Fit, P 90X and most boot camps are excellent programs for those that are in shape and want to get in better shape. If you aren’t in shape, they can destroy you. Your knees and back aren’t conditioned to take the pounding. That is unless you take it easy and ease into this. It took a while to get out of shape, it will take a while to get in shape. Period. Shameless Plug: This is where a quality personal trainer can be invaluable. I can design an exercise program for you that is based on your age and experience level. As you progress, you will be exposed to higher intensity levels but in a safe manner.

3. Most people will fail. Yep, most people never get in the shape they want and I see it time and time again. Not because they can’t but because they view this as a short term goal. “I want to lose 10 pounds.” ” I want to fit into a size four dress again.” You exercise, you probably get close then you stop doing the things that made you successful. What happens?  You end up back at square one and that sucks. What you need to do is figure out a way to make fitness part of your life. Do you ever say ” I brushed my teeth today. Now I don’t have to anymore?”

 4. Be your own experiment. Don’t listen to fitness experts. Let me rephrase that. Get information, try and evaluate. If it doesn’t make sense or doesn’t work, throw it away. This is especially true with diet programs. Some just work better for some people than others. They all work but depending on the person, you will get better results with different styles. Just like anything else in life… the harder you work at it the better the results should be. If they aren’t, then you need to change something.

5. How much can you lose? The fitness industry pretty much agrees that 2 pounds of fat each week is about the most you can lose safely. Now this also depends on how much fat you have to lose. If you weigh 500 pounds, you can drop a lot more fat than a 130 pound person. But for the sake of argument, use 2 pounds as a good number. For most people it won’t be a steady loss but it should even out during the course of a week or in some cases a month.

6. If you are working out with weights ( as you should be ) you will also gain muscle weight. This isn’t new muscle, it is the existing muscle becoming tone again. Men can gain 6-12 pounds in the first few weeks and women average about 6 pounds. If you are wondering how I came up with these numbers, I do body fat testing on all my clients. if I know how much you weigh and your body fat percentage, then I can monitor how much fat and muscle you have on your body. Pretty cool huh?

I need to take a break here. Digest these first 6 points, please download my free reports and I will give you part 2 very soon.

Visit me at Michael Medvig is a personal trainer and owner of M Factor Fitness Inc., an in home personal training company in Parker Colorado. This blog represents opinions on fitness. Do your own research and draw your own conclusions. All information and materials on this site are provided as is and without warranty of any kind. These materials (including all text, images, logos, compilation, and design, unless otherwise noted) are copyright 2001-2010 M Factor Fitness Inc. All rights reserved. Copyright 2001-2010 M Factor Fitness Inc. All rights reserved. |

Quickie Body Weight Workouts

Quickie Bodyweight Workouts are essential to getting in shape.


Because having quick workouts you can do without equpiment bridges the gap betweena full workout session and missing your training.

It is too easy to skip your training because you:

  • Don’t have enough time.
  • The gym is too far away.
  • The weather is bad.
  • It is too late.
  • It is too early

Everybody knows these excuses because everyone, including myself have used them.

So think of the quickie workout as a bridge between what you had planned and doing nothing.

Actually these workouts can be brutally hard if you push yourself.

So push yourself.

These are some screenshots taken from my online training program.

My online training allows you to train anywhere and anytime!

Beginner BodyWeight Workout


Quickie 1A


























Intermediate Bodyweight workout

Quickie 1B
























Advanced Bodyweight workout

Quickie 1C






















If this looks like the type of workout that could get you in the best shape of your life, then click here

for more information on joining M Factor Fitness Online Training

For the ridiculously low price of $10/month you get:

  • free app download.
  • A bunch of different workouts
  • Over 100 exercises with HD video
  • Membership in my private Facebook Group
  • Full email access to me.







About M Factor Fitness

Meet Mike, Your Fitness Coach

 (Unofficial Biography)


Michael Medvig Spartan Breckenridge

As your coach, I just want to make you to realize one thing:

Change your Mind and you can change your life.

I publish race pictures of myself to show people that anyone with the right attitude and a little training can do things they never thought were possible.

Trust me, I am not a stud.  I will be the first to tell you I am not athletically gifted. I am not winning any of these races, in fact, sometimes I am in the bottom half of all finishers.

You might think that would discourage me. In fact it is just the opposite.

Here is my story.

I grew up tall, gangly and weak. Having asthma, I spent a good part of my life sitting on the sidelines watching everyone else do sports. Yes, I got pushed around in school and had low self-esteem.

At age 15 I was a freshman in high school and couldn’t do a push-up or run a lap around the track. I flunked every presidents fitness test I ever took.

But don’t feel sorry for me, I didn’t even feel sorry for myself. I was just fed up.

The decision I made at that point changed my life. I went against the advice of Doctors and my parents and started working out. It was brutal at first. You know how kids are. You get get teased because you are an easy target. Then you go to a gym and you get teased because you are the weakest one there.

But I had a plan.

If I wasn’t born with the genetics to do this, I would simply be more consistent and work harder. My friends took time off in the summer, I didn’t. They would miss workouts to go party. I joined them after I worked out. Little things started adding up and I started narrowing the gap.

What kept me going?

Yes it was very hard but I saw the pain of the workouts and the pain of trying to get air in my lungs as a positive. I read every book I could on lifting weights and made friends with people in the gym. Any discomfort I had was far better than the 24 hour discomfort of not liking who I was.

In the end, I never became a great athlete. I played a year of high school football and sat on the bench. I played a year of college football at Trinity University (Division 3) and sat on the bench. Just being honest. I never had the experience to get the playing time to get the experience. It is a vicious circle. But I also realized that I enjoyed spending time in the gym more than breaking it down playing football. The joy of getting my Walkman (yes, Walkman. Google it if you don’t know what I am talking about) and going for a run always put a smile on my face.

So what am I doing jumping over fire at age 52?

Michael Medvig Fort Carson

I jump over fire pits, carry logs and run half-marathons because I couldn’t do these things when I was younger. Heck, I couldn’t have done these things five years ago. And most of it was mental.

You know, we all carry our childhood with us, for better or worse. And many psychologists think that figuring out and coming to peace with our childhood is our job as adults. If we do, we become happier people. If we don’t, we struggle with these issues the rest of our lives. For a lot of people, food is a major issue. You can try all the diets out there, until you change your perception of food, you may always have trouble with self-sabotage.

As weird as it may sound, I am at my happiest suffering during a race. The uglier the race the better. During it, I am at absolute peace with myself. We all spend our lives living different personas. I am a Dad, Husband, business owner etc… When I am on a trail, I am all alone, just me. If I am going to finish the race, I need to overcome a number of emotions such as fear, self-doubt, hunger, discomfort and in doing so, I become stronger. Once you get the mindset to do this, overwhelming fears become insignificant.

Spartan trifecta 2017

This year I earned my first Spartan trifecta completing a 13.5 mile, 8 mile and 5 mile obstacle course.For many, including myself, the races where you push yourself to your limits are life affirming and life changing. This was a culmination of a lot of hard work and sacrifice. Can’t wait to do it again next year.


Warning: If you are reading this and freaking out right now…don’t.

You may be saying to yourself, “Mike, I only want to lose a couple pounds, this seems over the top.”

What I do on the weekends may seem a little over the top to most people. Honestly, I think it freaks my wife out sometimes.Somehow after all these years, I have become some sort of quasi-role model. You don’t have to do anything I do. I just want you to know it is possible.

My Philosophy

If all you want to do is lose a few pounds and feel better, that is awesome. I can show you how to do it a safe and efficient way at your pace.

If you have nagging pains from sitting at a desk all day, I can give you an exercise program to fix that.

If you have a history of bouncing from diet to diet, I can show you how to eat so you can control your weight and never be hungry.

In fact, my training may be the safest form of exercising you ever do.

I am not a psychologist, life coach (whatever that is) or motivational woo-woo speaker. But I do know a couple of things.

Never let other people define you.

And never let people tell you what you can and can’t do.

That is what I am about and that is what M Factor Fitness can help you achieve.



Sound good?

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2016 Races

  • Spartan Military Sprint Fort Carson
  • Summer Prairie Dog Half-Marathon Castle Rock
  • Wildcat Ridge 10 M Trail Run- Highlands Ranch
  • Parker Labor day 10K- Parker
  • Warrior Dash- Larkspur
  • Ridgeline Half-Marathon Trail Run- Castle Rock
  • Pumpkin Pie 5K Denver
  • Santa’s Stampede 10K- Littleton

2017 Races

  • Jan 15 -Arctic Prairie Dog 10K- Louisville
  • Jan 21- Frosty’s  Ten Miler- Hudson Gardens
  • February 18- Snowman Stampede
  • April 9 Prairie Dog Half Marathon Arvada
  • May 13- Fort Carson Spartan Super
  • May 14- Fort Carson Spartan Sprint
  • July 22 Prairie Dog Half-marathon Castle Rock
  • August 26 Spartan Beast Breckenridge
  • August 27 Spartan Sprint Breckenridge
  • September 16 Warrior Dash Larkspur
  • October 1st, Chase the Bear Half Marathon Lakewood
  • October 7th Ridgeline Half-marathon Train (The revenge)


Corrective Exercise Specialist- BioMechanics Method

ISSA Certified Elite Trainer

ISSA Certified Specialist in Corrective Exercise

ISSA Certified Specialist in Sports Nutrition

NFPT Certified Master Trainer

Precision Nutrition Level 1 Nutrition Coach


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Best of Parker Award 2014