So You Started HRT: 7 Things You Need to Know.


Congratulations on starting HRT (Hormone replacement Therapy). Whether you are using pellets, shots or troches, you are taking the first step to getting your hormones back in balance. In doing so, you open up a door of possibilities that maybe you thought were closed for good.

So in this post we are going to go over some ideas and concepts for you that you may not have discussed at the Doctor’s office.

1. You won’t build muscle, get energy or change the way you look if you stay on the couch!

For most people, HRT really works well. Now that you feel years younger, it is time to start lifting weights. By weights, let’s include body weight exercises, barbells, dumbbells, TRX, kettlebells etc… If you have spent the last few years of your life wondering why you could never tone up or build muscle, all that is about to change. Increased muscle tone will increase your metabolism and speed up fat loss.

2. Get back in shape gradually.

When I train clients who are starting HRT, sometimes they have the idea that they can jump from the couch to a marathon. Partly because they feel so good and partly because they are anxious to make up lost time. Don’t fall for that. This is the time to have a plan and follow it.

Too much too soon will either lead to a quick burnout or injury. This is why it makes sense to work with a personal trainer who can help you get started.

3. You will be able to recover faster.

This is not a contradiction to point 2. As your hormones balance out, you will soon discover that you can recover from workouts a lot faster. So take advantage of that. Try and push yourself a little more each workout. The better quality of workout, the faster you will see results.

4. Don’t worry about what anyone else says.

Hormone Replacement Therapy still has a bit of a stigma. This is why I included the John Melton Quote at the top. I always thought that was strange. You can have someone on diabetes medicine because of their lifestyle choices and no one blinks an eye. You start taking HRT and all of a sudden you are messing around with forbidden fruit. Any criticism you get will most likely come from people who are doing very little to help themselves. You are doing the right thing. By taking care of yourself first, you will be better able to help your family.

5. You may be on Hormone Replacement Therapy for life.

This also freaks people out. The same people who will be on blood pressure or heart medication the rest of their life. HRT is a preventative therapy to keep your hormones balanced so you can avoid a number of the pitfalls of getting older. This is truly a quality of life argument. Given the choice, I would much rather be proactive with my health than get older and watch the ailments and medications pile up. That is no way to live.

6. In 10 Years, HRT will be the Norm.

Do you really think our generation is going to get old quietly? No way. We are an active generation and we are redefining what old is. You can either sit out on the sidelines and be miserable or give it a try now. HRT isn’t going away anytime soon.

7. HRT does not mean you can eat the same junk you were eating before and get results.

As they say in the computing world, junk in equals junk out. Don’t expect miracles or quick results if you abuse your body. Getting in shape has always required work and will always require dedication and work. No pill or shot will replace that. all HRT will do is remove the barriers preventing you from getting results from your hard work.

Make sense?

I hope that didn’t bum you out too much. The good news is that I work with a number of clients that can get excellent results by making moderate changes in their habits.


This is the new frontier of medicine. I work with a number of clients who have started HRT and really enjoy watching them take control of their life again. As a personal trainer, I can help you with the training, nutrition and corrective exercises programs to make sure you get the most out of your therapy.

If you have an interest or if you would just like to know a little more, fill out the consultation form below and I will be in touch.

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