Post 57: Sports Nutrition Training at M Factor Fitness

 First off, I have to apologize for not being more consistent with the blog. That must be one of the most over-used excuses for bloggers but it is sincere.  It has been a crazy summer. In addition to my full schedule with clients, I was working on another certification for sports nutrition through the ISSA. This was in addition to the one I have from the NFPT, which sounds crazy because a certification is a certification. In reality, the ISSA course was light years ahead in the scope of detail and application, so I am glad I took it .I read books on nutrition all the time but there is something about paying for a course and being under a deadline to take a test that really makes you focus on learning not just reading.

The course was written by Dr. Jon Berardi, who has his own sports nutrition program, Precision Nutrition. As time permits I plan on taking more courses through him as he seems to be on the cutting edge of fat loss and the art of retaining muscle. Believe me, sports nutrition really is just nutrition. It is about eating for energy, muscle and strength retention and fat loss. Isn’t that the goal of everyone?

But what does that mean for you? Better information, better implementation and that means better results. So all my clients have a 42 page coursebook, and worksheets to keep them on track. This has been one area I have wanted to upgrade with my people so it is going to be interesting to track the changes.

As a pretty rock solid rule of thumb for all nutrition systems:

  1. Read the manual.
  2. Ask questions 
  3. Plan your food
  4. Log your food

You will have success.

But this is same for any nutrition program. The Precision Nutrition program isn’t revolutionary but it is truly cutting edge science so I am looking forward to seeing more success with this.

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