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Technique Technique Technique

Thanks for hanging out with me so far. This is going to be a technical day.

Let me make a bold statement here.

90% of people who workout have no idea of the concepts I am going to share with you.

This is why they:

  • Get injured.
  • Never gain muscle size or tone.
  • Never get stronger.
  • Never look good while they lift.

These 3 concepts will:

  • Improve any sport you play.
  • Make you stronger.
  • Bullet-proof your joints
  • Make your entire life more enjoyable.

Big statements? Not really. Most joint pain and tight muscles are caused by poor alignment that leads to adhesions and chronically shortened muscles. These shortened muscled pull the joint out of place.

What I am going to teach you is how to lock in those joints before subjecting them to stress. Sound like a good idea? I think so.


The Set-up

Never ever casually walk up to an object and pick it up. I don’t care if it is a barbell, dumbbell, grocery bag or your child.

The set-up can be whatever you want but it needs to do these things.

  • Give you time to think about how many reps you are going to do.
  • Time to visualize the lift before you do it.
  • Time to properly set your body for maximum tension and leverage.
  • Put you in position to do the exercise with perfect technique.

The Glute/Ab/Lower back connection.

If you want to fix your lower back pain, concentrate on this and your pain will magically go away.

Simply put, if your abs and butt muscles are not tight when you pick something up, the lower back will be called on to stabilize the pelvis and spine. That isn’t the job of the lower back. It doesn’t want to do it and it isn’t very good at it. What you end up with is a very irate lower back because it never gets a chance to rest.

The solution?

  • Before you start an exercise, walk, run or basically any activity that involves motion or picking something up, tighten the glutes.
  • If you can’t actively squeeze your glutes on demand you have a big problem. Go to the best leg exercise page and start doing bridges and chair squats until you can feel the glutes working.
  • Tighten the abs. You don’t have to suck in the stomach but you do need to tighten them. Like you are doing a plank. See the best core exercise page for plank exercises or the tutorial page to learn how to do a plank.
  • Tightening the abs and glutes will stabilize the pelvis and relieve the lower back of doing all the work. Since the glutes and abs are bigger,stronger muscles you will notice and increase in stability and power.

The Upper back/neck/shoulder connection






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