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Back to Basics

When you signed up for this course did I say it would be easy? Well, I apologize if you got that impression. I said I was going to simplify not easify (is that a word)?

I am going on a couple premises here.

  1. You are working out or at least open to the idea of working out.
  2. You have limited time.
  3. You want results.

Cool. Because these are the exercises the top athletes in the world build their programs around. They are harder and can be humbling but my job is not to make you comfortable. I will be honest with you, sometimes I don’t even want to do these exercises. Remember that discipline is discipline and the victories in the gym will directly translate to victories in life.

I see people fail because they don’t chase the little victories. They know they should be doing one thing but they end up doing another. The sad part is once you give in it will be easier the next time to give in and harder to do the right thing.

Things You Need to Know

  • You may want to fight me on this. We will actually talk bout this in day 6. Until then I need you to give the benefit of the doubt on this and start getting these little victories every day because they will add up.
  • Marketers will prey on you with the promise of “more results with less effort”. Now you instinctively know this is a complete lie. At least 99% of your brain tells you this is complete crap. The problem is that 1% believes that maybe, just maybe it is true.
  • If you go to a gym you will see people taking the easy way out every day. Yes they made it to the gym but is that good enough to get results? No, of course not. So if you train in the gym, be prepared to have people looking at you and wondering why you are using dumbbells when there is a nice comfortable, shiny machine waiting for you.
  • You will always find magazines, Pinterest, Facebook with new exotic exercises. realize they are doing this because most people love shiny new objects. Do these articles have an interest in getting you fit or getting you to click on the attractive, oiled up fitness model?

Getting Back to Basics.

  • Base all your workouts around these exercises. Click here to go to the Exercise index.
  • Spend the majority of your workout time with these exercises.
  • Learn how to do these exercises with correct form. Exercise tutorials are here.
  • All the videos have detailed instructions so please listen to them at least once.
  • No substitutions allowed unless you don’t have access to the equipment.

What about pre-existing injuries?

Good question. We will address that tomorrow.

Your Homework

  • Watch the videos and work on your form.
  • I want 80% of your time on these exercises and 20% on anything else.
  • Build your routine like this.



Back – Pick 1 per workout

Shoulders – Pick 1

Arms – Pick 1

Core -1 of each

If you are doing total body workouts 3 sets of everything should be a pretty good start. If you are breaking up body parts into days you should be doing 5 sets per exercise. We will more into this on day 3.

See ya tomorrow!




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