Post 8: Shoulder and Arm Workout #1

Here is a good, fast workout I did Saturday. All you need is a bench or steps and a couple of dumbbells or bands. When you see the reps, please understand that I am picking a weight that will allow me to fall just short of the expected number of reps. After I go to failure, I take a couple of seconds and get 2-3 more. That is the end of the set. Make each set count! As for the exercises, email me or leave a comment if you can’t figure them out.

This workout has 3 different groups of three exercises each. Each round we do 4 times, so you will be doing a total of 12 sets for each body part ( shoulders, biceps, triceps ).

Round 1  Try for 15 reps ( Men ) 15-20 ( Women )
Round 2 Try for 10-12 reps ( Men) 15 ( Women )
Round 3 Try for 8-10 reps ( Men) 12-15 ( Women)
Round 4 Try for 6-8 reps ( Men) 10-12 ( Women)

Group 1
Curl and Press
Side Laterals
Rear Bench Dips
( Repeat for 4 sets increasing the weight or resistance each time.

Take a short break

Group 2
Upright Row
Hammer Curl
Tricep Kickbacks
Same instructions as above.

Group 3
Wrist curl
Front raises
Close grip Push-ups

This should beat you up pretty good. If you actually did the workout, put it in your profile so I can see it. Didn’t register for your free online coaching yet? What are you waiting for? Click here for free online coaching and diet info.

Let me know what you think.

Michael Medvig
M Factor Fitness Personal Training

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