Should Diabetics Exercise?

personalShould you workout with weights if you are diabetic?

Being diagnosed with Diabetes changes your life. It is a shocker. Luckily in a number of cases you actually have time to reverse the effects before it becomes permanent. Over 29.1 million Americans have been diagnosed as having diabetes and another 86 million are pre-diabetic.

So what does Science say?

The research is overwhelmingly in favor of exercise.

Here are a few reasons exercise helps (info courtesy of the PTDC)

Sorry if this gets a bit technical.


  • Increases glucose uptake in skeletal muscle via insulin-dependant and insulin-independant mechanisms.
  • Lowers fasting blood sugar levels.
  • Improves fat oxidation.
  • Can reduce systolic blood pressure and LDL levels.
  • Can elevate mood. Help stave off depression.
  • Lower hemoglobin A1C levels
  • Reduce cardiovascular morbidity.

So what all does this mean and how much work is this going to take?

Good questions. It means you need to get moving. Walking is a good start but if you really want to make progress consider lifting weights. I work with people who need to make massive changes in their life and have a few pre-diabetic clients. To be honest, they usually are my hardest workers. They realize the stuff has hit the fan and they need to change immediately.


So far everyone has made huge progress. I love it when my people stop fearing the visit to the Doctor. Would you believe they look forward to the lab testing  because they know the results will be better than the last time?

Some people can do this themselves and some people need a little coaching. If you fall into the latter category I would suggest hiring a competent personal trainer. The eating will be simple enough. Reduce carbs and up the protein and fats. The hard part will be changing the way you eat. The other tricky part will be starting your exercise program at a level where you can make steady progress without hurting yourself.

If you need any help with that, let me know. I offer one on one training, small group training, online training and nutrition coaching.

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