can I run after a heavy meal

What Happens If I Run After A Heavy Meal?

What happens if I run after a heavy meal?

 Eat light before a run


That being said, what did you eat and how long are you going to run?

Greasy food will take a longer time to digest than “cleaner” food. A heavy, greasy meal may send you into the bushes mid-run.

Does it count as carb loading if I eat a pizza before a run?

Eating a bunch of carbs before a run is not carb loading as some people have suggested.

Carb loading starts 24–48 hours before you run.

Cleaner food is easier to digest so you won’t have as many resources taken away from the muscles.

In fact, if you are going on a long run, being full carbs is a pretty darn good idea.

2. The Energy Issue

Because digestion takes energy, you won’t feel as energetic as usual. That generally makes the run feel pretty crappy.

If your meal consisted of a bunch of rice or potatoes, you may actually feel better during the run as you have a constant supply of glycogen.


Life is hectic and complicated. It is hard to find time to get the training time you need to get the results you want.

That being said, try to maximize the effectivness of everything you do. In this case it would be to rest and get the benefit of a full and complete digestion before running.

Or next time eat a little lighter.

I would rather see two things done well than two things done -half-ass.

But I do understand that you have to do what you have to do. And if you need to get your cardio in, then go for it.