Rehabbing- The Art of Fixing Yourself

What could be simpler and more liberating than learning how to:

  • Help chronically tight muscles
  • Ease Joint Pian
  • Help injuries on the fly.

Correct answer: Nothing. That is why I put together a series of videos addressing the various techniques of smashing and rolling. Now I am not inexpert in this. If you want more detailed info you might want to check out Kelly Starrett and his Mobility WOD site. This more of an introductory class.

Important: You can’t stretch a chronically tight muscle.

You can stretch all you want but if you have muscle adhesions (knots) you are not going to create length until you dissolve those spots.

So here is the protocol to get muscle length back.

  • Identify the tight muscle or joint pain.
  • Use the rolling and smashing methods to probe and seek out any tight and painful areas up and down from the injury.
  • Apply pressure to the area. 1-2 minutes.
  • Then stretch.


Rehab 101

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Lower Body Rolling

Rolling the Back,Chest and Shoulders

Foot Rolling

Tricep Rolling

Neck Smashing

Tools for Home rehab

Fixing front Shoulder Pain

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