Post 59: R.I.P. Michael Clarke Duncan

R.I.P. Big man

This really stinks. Michael Clarke Duncan died today from a heart attack suffered in July.

I am not really good at writing tributes but I wanted to do my best here. Because Michael Clarke Duncan was not only an extraordinary actor, he was also a brother of the iron. Much like when an actor comes from your hometown you can have a sense of pride in sharing that commonality.

I shared with him that sense that he was one of us. One of the few representatives in Hollywood that was a weightlifter. Not some skinny guy that works out for a given role but an honest iron pumping dude who made it big. And that was special to me. Just like Sly and Arnold, Michael was in the club. In a world that increasingly favors little nebbish heroes on the screen, Michael Clarke Duncan was the man. He commanded the screen with his presence.

So that is really all I wanted say. We have lost a brother of the iron today. He will be missed.

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