Post 145: 10 Food Myths Debunked

So exactly how bad is white bread??????? sent me a great article I wanted to share with you concerning the top 10 myths in the current food wars. is a science-based website that doesn’t choose sides and I like that.

The big issue I have with the food companies is that they fill their products with chemicals to make them look better, have better texture and stay fresher longer. A lot of us look for options that are less complicated. Where I get ticked off is when companies come out with a “healthier” version of something that really isn’t healthier. I will hold to my point of view that less chemicals are better.

As your personal trainer I am happy to report that a lot of these busted myths are things I have been telling my clients for years and let’s be honest this may be a reason I am reprinting the article. I like to gloat every now and then.

The takeaway point in this article is, in my opinion, to eat the food our grandparents ate, use a little moderation in both carbs and total calorie intake and most importantly, if it is natural eat it and don’t worry about it!

To read the 10 Awful Nutrition awful Nutrition Myths Perpetuated by the Media Click Here.

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