Podcast 85: Best Action Hero, Knee Pain and Shoulder Pain fix

We have 2 topics on todays show and one of them is actually fitness related. Not bad.

Topic 1: I ticked off one of the giants in my industry when he sent a tweet talking about how great an action star Tom Cruise is. I sent back a reply that Tom Cruise is half the action star Arnold is….literally. I guess some people don’t understand my sense of humor, warped as it is. It was just a joke! All kidding aside, Tom Cruise keeps himself in great shape and does a lot of his own stunts. But he still isn’t Arnold. Case in point. Arnold could star in the “Mission Impossible” series without a problem. Could you see Tom Cruise playing Conan the Barbarian? A 5 foot terminator? See what I mean. But it isn’t just height based. You will have to listen to find out.

Topic 2: A tip on working through shoulder pain. Did you guys know I wrote a book on shoulder pain? Just go to www.shoulderpainbook.com and see for yourself. You can get it on Amazon and Ibooks. But that isn’t the point of this. Here is the theory. Actually it is more reality. Scratch that. It is the truth, just do it. When you ask people what muscles the bench press works, what do you hear? Yep, chest, arms and shoulders. The actual answer is that the bench press is a total body exercise… if you do it right. 

Doing it right means tensing your upper back to stabilize the shoulder girdle. A weak, flabby upper back is a shoulder disaster waiting to happen. Beware: Technical talk. In any movement, there is always a prime mover and a stabilizer muscle working. In this case the pecs are the primary movers. The delts and triceps can be called secondary movers. The muscles opposite the prime movers will generally be the stabilizers. So in the case of the bench press, the upper back and biceps work to stabilize to weight. If the stabilizers are weak, the shoulder is going to be pushed into a sub-optimal position. That is technical talk for an injury waiting to happen.

So to encourage the back to get involved in the bench you can do an upper back exercise before you bench. 

Example 1: Band Pull aparts  alternating with Bench press.

Example 2: High rows alternating with bench press.

The idea here is to activate your upper back with an exercise that hits the stabilizer muscles without wearing them out. This will give you more control over the upper back area when you bench. Most people never truly work the upper back. try this and you should have less shoulder pain when you bench. Make sense?

If it doesn’t, let me know. This is a great way to help fix shoulder pain.

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