Post 43: New Videos On My Website

Do you know what the hardest part of personal training is? Nope, not getting up at 4:30. Nope, not working until 7 pm. Finding time to workout? Nope. Give up?

Making videos. Man this stinks. I have been reading that it would be wise to have videos up on my website, M Factor Fitness. It does make sense. Having video helps the potential client get a feel for my personality and how I train. An easy way for someone to get to know me.

Theoretically until you have to actually shoot the video. Then it gets ugly because I am not a natural actor. In fact, there really are two things I don’t like doing.
1. Being in front of a camera for pictures.
2. Being in front of a camera for videos.

So I could mess with the videos for the rest of my time here on earth and I would never be happy with them. I decided that I might as well throw something up there just to have it. Is it good? I hope so. The idea is pretty simple. I just want to spend a few minutes on each page of the website to introduce the page and give you some information about my training.

If possible, I would like some feedback on what you think. Because, let’s be honest, I am going to probably
need to redo it. I am hoping that the more I do this, the more comfortable I become. Kind of like when you see actors in their first movie and now.

If anyone else has some funny stories, let me know because I am filled with trepidation with these videos. Now be nice. No need to make fun of me, let’s keep this constructive.

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