My Dog is Fat!

SnickersMy Dog is Fat and I Need Your Help!

(P.S. I am going for a little sarcasm here. I am using my dog as an analogy for people who need to lose weight.)

Just wanted to make sure we are all on the same page here.

Good? Good.

Our Vet said Snickers is fat. I prefer to think of Snickers as well-fed.

What you are looking at is fur weight.

Over the years he has gone from 13 to 14 to 15 to 16 pounds.

I started to take notice when he was getting a bit of a butt roll. Once I saw the butt roll, it was time to get him on a training program.

So after consulting numerous dog websites I have up with two plans of action. I would like your input of what you think is the most effective.

Option 1:

  • Count his calories and make sure he chews his food at least 100 times before he swallows.
  • A full vegan cleanse with herbs and green tea for a week.
  • Noni Berries and Acai juice in his water bowl to help bolster his immune system.
  • Mega vitamins just in case he isn’t getting enough.
  •  Any water is to be filtered, boiled and sanitized by ultraviolet light.
  • He will need to sleep in certain  positions in a feng-shui approved room.
  • Don’t forget the crystals.

This is going to take a lot of time and a lot of money but Snickers is worth it.

Or Option 2:

  • Cut out the snacks or change to lower calorie snacks.
  • Stop feeding him from the table.
  • Go for a longer walk each day.

This really doesn’t take any time and we will actually save money.

Oh, boy, this is a tough one.

Kind of stinks when you see things layed out like this, doesn’t it?

Don’t worry, I am with you. I have probably fallen for every marketing supplement scam there is. I write these blogs to try and help you avoid some of the traps I fell into.

I am not saying there aren’t some cutting edge supplements out there. There are.

I am definitely not telling you to stay away from all supplements.

I just want you to consider the 80/20 rule.

The 80/20 rule states that 20% of your actions will give you 80% of your results.

In the fat loss game, nutrition and working out will give you the bulk of your results.

Focus on that.

Fat loss supplements can provide 5% to 10% of your fat loss. These are numbers quoted from Bill Phillips, Founder of EAS.

So if you lose 100 pounds of fat, you will be able to credit your fat loss metabolizer for 5 to 10 pounds.

Let’s take an average of 7.5 pounds lost with the magic of supplements.

So we are looking at losing 92.5 pounds through hard work and sweat.


So do you see how insignificant this is?

Why then do you sell supplements?

I am affiliated with a couple supplement companies.

If you want to look at adding supplements to your workout, I think I have an obligation to point you in the right direction.

Whether you check out Onnit, Biotrust or ProGrade, be assured that

  • They have an empty bottle return policy. So if you take the product and don’t see a difference you get a full refund.
  • They all come from GMP controlled labs.
  • They all present controlled lab studies for their products.

So are these miracle supplements? No

Will you effortlessly lose weight taking their supplements. No.

Could they help kickstart your fat loss program or help you break a plateau? Very likely.


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