Post 55: Making Personal Training Affordable

You probably have thought about hiring a personal trainer at some point in your life. If not, I bet you are thinking about it now. Times are hard and most people don’t have a lot of extra cash left over at the end of the month, so you may think that you can’t afford a trainer. 
But maybe you can. Let’s look at a couple scenarios. First off, people hire me because they are usually getting older and can’t seem to lose fat or they want to tone up. The older you get, the harder it is to get in shape. When you are young you can stay up all night, drink beer eat pizza and never gain a pound. As you get older you just can’t get away with the same indiscretions. So you need a plan for both working out and nutrition. That is why you need me.
In a perfect world three workouts a week will almost ensure success no matter what you do when I am not there. But it can get pricey. 12 workouts a month runs $631. Three workouts a week will get you in a good groove and reduce the amount of workouts you do on you own. It is a great way to learn new exercises and get results fast.
Two workouts a week is also effective. Now you are talking about $400/month. I have clients that do well with this. You need to be motivated to do at least one workout per week with weights along with your cardio without me. Do that and you won’t have any problems.
Once a week is also another choice. Now we are talking about $210/month. Honestly this can work work well if you are experienced and motivated. If you are a newbie or unmotivated this almost never works. It is extremely hard to retain the information you need at one hour a week. One workout a week will not make a difference in your life unless you put in another 2-3 weight workouts and 2-3 days of cardio. Experienced athletes can do this because training is second nature to them.
One idea is to start off training 2-3 times week and scale back once you get comfortable with the exercises. The will greatly imporve your chances to succeed. I can’t speak for other trainers but my clients can always call or text me with questions. I am always happy to help anyway I can.
Another great way to bring down the cost is find a friend to exercise with. The cost for two people for an hour is $70. ( $35 for each person ). Three people and now the cost is $23.33 per person. That is cheap. Do it this way and you will also have your built in support group.
At this point the thrifty reader will think about comparing rates and going with the cheapest. Trainers with cheap rates do it for a reason and I think you know why. As a certified Master trainer I catch heck all the time that my rates are too low for my certifications. It is true I have never raised rates. part of that is because I want to make training affordable for those that aren’t wealthy. That is also why I do these blogs and publish exercise routines. I want to make fitness accessible for everyone. I would be suspicious if any well qualified trainer charges less than $45/hour.
So I hope this helps. As always if you have questions, give me a shout.  
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