Post 48: Is Eating Raw Chicken Good For You?

So my daughter was watching Wife Swap on TV yesterday and I saw an incredible episode. You know the premise, two couples switch spouses and get exposed to different ways of life. Pretty entertaining show. I was trying to find the episode number but the Lifetime website didn’t list it.

This one had a couple from rural Iowa who ate nothing but raw food. I am not talking about the run of the mill eat some raw vegetables type. This is a family who eats:

  • Raw Vegetables
  • Raw eggs
  • Raw milk
  • Raw beef
  • Raw Chicken.
  • Aged ( rotten ) meat

Here are some other goodies

  •  They don’t drink water because it is a ” solvent” and dehydrates you.
  • No cleaning chemicals. In fact, no chemicals at all. In fact, no cleaning at all.
  • No hand washing.
  • Rudimentary bathing at best.
  • They brush their teeth with a mixture of butter and clay.
  • No Doctors.

Really, I am not making this up. In fact the wife was bragging that she doesn’t have any formal education and has learned all this on her own. She also brags that since they have been eating this way, her husband is growing his hair back. I saw no evidence of his hair growing back or her education but that is not the point.

These people have been doing this over a year. They had two kids and they are doing the same thing. How are they still alive? I mean I get the macrobiotic thing but raw chicken? I have eaten undercooked chicken by accident and spent the next couple hours of my life in the bathroom. Is this something you build up to? Either die or build up immunity?  The reality is that they didn’t look healthy but they didn’t look unhealthy either. Which is another mystery to me. I would think to put yourself through such torture, there has to be a bigger payoff than looking and feeling normal. Show me how you can shoulder press a cow. Do squats with a pig across your shoulders…..something!

Of course the wife from the other couple takes them to a restaurant to eat cooked food. The dad and the kids enjoy it but feel sick the next day. Predictable. But if they have such a fine-tuned immune system, why can’t they eat a hamburger?

She also takes them to a doctor for a check-up. This is the disappointing part of the show because they didn’t disclose the results. Obviously they weren’t dying but I would have wanted to see the blood work to see if they had developed a super immune system. Living in rural Iowa, I can’t imagine you get exposed to the same amount of pathogens as in a city.

Oh yeah, I just remembered this nugget. When they get nervous or stressed they drink a raw egg. (?)

So please don’t look to me for answers on this. I am hoping someone has more information on how someone can eat rotten meat and raw poultry and live to tell about it. This may be another example of the fallacies of modern life. Is there any value to this? Once primitive man discovered fire, he started cooking his meals. Primitive man may have been primitive but he was no dummy.

One more thing. Please don’t try this at home. I am not recommending this. Well, I am recommending you eat cooked meat but don’t try this raw chicken stuff.


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