Post 49: How Are You Going To Feel At 50?

For this concept to work, please feel free to put in an age you are going to be. For example, to get the best use out of this article it won’t help if you are 55 and think about age fifty. I need you to look ahead. Those 49 and under use the title. Those over 50 use ” How are you going to feel at 70?”  This is a post about looking ahead, so take a minute, I will wait for you and get the correct title in your head.

Good? Good.

This is important because I was training a client the other day. Remember I am actually a fitness trainer not a wannabe fitness dude. He is training hard to get in shape for his 50th birthday. Like a lot of people in life, myself included, he is very hard on himself. Hard on himself for letting himself get out of shape. And that is not a negative in my opinion. I am the first to beat myself up when I miss workouts or my eating goes out the window. Nothing wrong with a little self-hate. It tends to keep things in perspective. It keeps us all humble.

Back to the story.he was getting down on himself for not getting in enough workouts. ” Fair enough but what did you think you were going to look like at 50?” I asked. “” I thought I would dead” he laughed.

“Did you ever think you would be busting out jump squats and push-ups at 5:30 in the morning?”

” No way, I should be bald, fat and tired.”

 And this is the point. When I was young, 50 was old as hell. 30 was old but 50????
That is ancient. Growing up I thought 50 meant:

  • Certain parts of your anatomy stop working.
  • You grow hair everywhere but where you need it.
  • You fall asleep watching Jeopardy.
  • You watch Jeopardy.
  • You consciously eat extra fiber.

So this was a revelation to me. I am still doing everything I was doing at age twenty. Well, not staying up all night and drinking massive amounts of beer but that is another story. That is for the young. What I mean is that as I have grown older chronologically, I still feel the same on the inside. And that I attribute to weightlifting. At 47 I am stronger than I was in high school. I can still do whatever I want and not have to worry about getting injured.

This is the gift I try to bring to all my clients. Sure you may stress about some bra fat or saddlebags but look at the big picture.

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