Post 65: Good Workout Music Part One

I may be hypersensitive to this but bad music really bugs me. Even worse is hearing bad music when you try and workout. I don’t know what it is but I find it supremely aggravating.

The advent of Walkmans then Discmans, now IPods has surely solved a lot of issues surrounding this. You don’t have to be subjected to other people’s bad taste in music.

But what if you have bad taste in music? Well my friend, Mike is here to help. Not that you have bad taste in music but maybe you don’t play the right music when you workout. This can affect the quality of the workout.

Warning: Any statements you are going to read are not based on any scientific facts and have no evidence backing them up other than the fact that I think they are true.

Example, I like Neil Diamond but I am never going to listen to him while swinging kettlebells. I guarantee you there are people in the gym right now listening to ” Sweet Caroline” and trying to move iron. It won’t work. neither will listening to “Journey’s Greatest hits” or “Abba” or American folk songs. Listen to that on your own time, not gym time. That kind of pop music has been shown to increase estrogen production and dramatically reduce available testosterone.

I will put forth the proposition that you need a little metal in your life. Now some guys secretly like metal and won’t admit to it because they think it is weird or childish. They liked it in high school but now they are mature and have responsibilities so they listen to Dave Matthews. Nonsense. Dave Matthews is crap. Some people may say they don’t like it because of the screaming. Maybe. Some will say it is noise. Perhaps. But I am not asking you to listen to it for pleasure. I am asking you to consider listening to it to put a little rocket fuel in your workouts. Get a little aural testosterone in your ears.

If you are still reading this, then I hope you are at least considering my idea. To help you , I am breaking the metal genre down into a couple segments with some band suggestions. Hopefully these are some bands you may actually like outside the weight room after a few listens.

1. German Metal- Nothing raises testosterone quicker than an angry German shouting in your ears. ( Fact )
Rammstein- Magnificent Industrial metal.
     Pick any cd, you won’t understand it anyway unless you speak German.

Accept– Classic Metal
I would recommend the last two albums, Blood of the Nations and Stalingrad although most people will be more familiar with the older stuff. The newer stuff is thrashier.

Kreator- German Thrashmasters. Loud and fast. They are a contender for best thrash band ever.

Industrial Metal

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