Post 47: Full Body Circuit Workout #3 Squat Jumps

 Here is a great circuit that is total body with heavy emphasis on the legs. it doesn’t require a lot of equipment so it is perfect for in home training.
Equipment needed:

  • Exercise ball
  • Dumbbells for Rows and bicep curls. Substitute band rows or chin-ups if you want.

As with all circuits the idea is to move quick.

  • Form doesn’t have to be perfect but at least 75%.
  • Substitute any exercise that aggravates any old injuries.
  • Up the intensity by timing each round. Try to beat your previous time.
  • As you get stronger either increase the reps or add weight.

 The Jump Squat Circuit

1. 25 Alternating Lunges
2. 12 Jump Squats
3. 25 Leg Curls – Lying on your back with the exercise ball.
4. 25 Reverse Planks.
5. 50 Bicycle Crunches
6. 25 Leg raises
7. 25 Bicep Curls
8. 25 Rear bench dips.
9. 25 Side Crunches each side
10. 25 One arm rows each side.
11. 25 Push-ups.
12. 60 Knees to elbows
13. 1 minute squat and hold or chair pose, then 25 squats.
14. 50 one legged calf raises.

Repeat 2 more times for a great workout.

Have fun, let me know what you think.

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