F.A.Q.’s In-Home Fitness Training

in home personal training

Questions about M Factor Fitness In Home Personal Training?


Basic Questions about personal training

Best of Parker Award - 2014

Best of Parker Award – 2014

It seems kind of weird to hire a personal trainer.

Think of it this way, you may have a CPA to help you with taxes.

You may have a broker to help you plan your finances.

Why? Because they are specialists and will save you time and money in the long run.

I am a fitness specialist. I will help you avoid mistakes and wasted time.

How Many People do you train at once?

  1. One on One Training
  2. Small Group training (2-6) people. Great discounts available.

What is your philosophy about fitness?”

Simplify. Chances are fitness is another “thing” you need to cram into a overly busy and stressed life.

My job is to take the most effective training and nutrition methods and make it easy for you to fit them in your life.

That is the beauty of personal training when it is done right. Let me sweat the details. All I need you to do is open the door (or turn on your smart phone) and work hard for an hour.

How is personal training different from a boot camp or other high intensity workout gym?”

There is nothing wrong with CrossFit or bootcamps. The question is are you suited for those workouts? You will hear me talk about high risk vs.high reward. Simply put, what are your odds of getting injured doing high intensity workouts? While those workouts work well for people in their 20’s, the older you get the more risk you take on.

I have certifications in Strength and Conditioning (read fat loss) and Corrective exercise. Form is everything. My people start at a level they can do and we build from there. Whether we are working with kettle bells, dumbbells, bands or doing free weight exercises you get one on one attention.

This allows you to do high intensity workouts and minimize your risk of injury.

What is the best way to pick a personal trainer?

  1. Go with the trainer you get the best feeling about. If they sound like they know what they are talking about that is a good start.
  2. Look for credentials. There are trainers out there with no certifications and some with certifications earned over a 2 day seminar. Usually you can sniff those out pretty quick.
  3. Don’t shop for a personal trainer on price. Trainers that are cheap are doing that because they have to. They are either new or they can’t keep clients. Either way you are taking a big risk to save a couple of dollars.

Locations and Areas Served

What areas do you cover?

Parker, Castle Rock, Castle Pines, Elizabeth and Franktown.

If you are close to one of these areas, give me a call and I may be able to make something work.

Where Do You Train Me? Do I have to go to a studio?

Nope, I come to you. In home personal training is the ultimate in convenience.

All you have to do is open the door.


Home gym equipment

Here is an example of a perfectly functional gym.

 Do I need any equipment?

I have all the equipment we will need but we will incorporate whatever you have.

What do you use?

  • Free weights which include dumbbells and barbells.
  • Kettlebells
  • TRX
  • Bodyweight exercises
  • Resistance bands

Different tools for different situations.

Legal mumbo jumbo

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What are your rates?

$55 for one on one for an hour

$70 for groups of 2-5. (You split the $70 between you).

Are there any contracts?

No contracts.

Do you take credit cards?


Do you take checks?


How long have you been doing this?

Since 2003.

Do you have references?

Sure, just ask me and I will give you as many names as you want.

 Do you provide a discount for groups?

Yes I do. Invite your friends and share the cost.

Is nutrition advice included?


Questions you really want to ask


Are you mean?

I don’t have a mean bone in my body. My job, however is to get you from point A to point B. I think I have a way of making the hour fly by.

I am horribly out of shape. Should I workout a while before I see you?

I don’t care what shape you are in right now. As long as you are medically cleared to workout out let’s get going.

I am afraid the workouts are going to be too hard.

I get that. Some trainers will drive you into the ground to prove you need of a trainer. That is stupid and dangerous. I believe in building upon success so I will scale back the workouts until you are at full speed.

I have kids and my house is messy. Can we work outside?

Sure. But again, I have seen it all and your house won’t be the messiest I have ever seen. I have kids too. I get it. Don’t worry about that.

What if I can’t workout for a full hour?

I bet you can. My job is to build you up, not break you down. We can always take breaks.

Do you like cats and dogs?

My demographic seems to be cat and dog owners who drink wine. So yes, I love animals! I have 2 dogs.

What if this doesn’t work? Do you offer guarantees?

If you notice, no where in this website do I use the terms “effortless” or “easy”. Getting in shape is work. That is why it is called “working out”.

There are 168 hours in a week. If I see you 1-2 of those hours, there is a lot of time for things to go awry.

What I can promise you is that I will be there to answer questions, make changes in the training and offer support and encouragement.

The work is up to you. Everyone who does the work makes progress. Everyone.

What if I don’t like the workouts?

M Factor Fitness is based upon getting my clients results in the shrotest time possible. A strong core and strong, tone muscles fix a lot of issues, including weight loss and aches and pains.

Train with me and you will get rid of aches and pains, be more flexible, get strong and look better.

That being said, some people would rather Zumba or Jazzercize. Please go somewhere else to Zumba or Jazzercise.


Good enough?

The best way to see if this is a good fit is to fill out my consultation form.