Short answers to common questions about my online training.

Is it really only $10/month?

For now. I will raise the subscription price to $30 soon. Join now and you get locked in at $10/month.

Do you have video tutorials?

Check them out right here.

Where can I do these workouts?

Anywhere. My workouts don’t involve a lot of equipment so you can do them at home, in a gym, at a hotel or even in the park.

I haven’t worked out in a while, is this going to be too hard?

Start with my 4 Week Kickstart program. This will get the dust off your muscles and ease you into one of the other programs.

Does the app come with any programs?

Right now the app comes with:

  • A Warm-up program to get you r joints ready to workout.
  • A Cool-down program to increase flexibility and reduce muscle soreness.
  • 4 Week Kickstart Program to ease you back into shape.
  • 12 Week Core Matters Ab Program- The only and best core program you will ever need. 10 minute core workouts.
  • 12 Week Bringing Up The Rear- The program for toning, strengthening and beautifying your butt.

Do I need a smartphone?

Nope, you can access all the programs online from my website.

Which smartphones do you have an app for?

Android and Apple

Can I use my computer too?

Sure, everything is synched and linked together. Use your phone, tablet and computer.

Where I workout, I don’t have very good internet service. Is this a problem?

These programs are downloaded to your smart device. So once you download you don’t need an internet connection.

Am I locked into a contract?

No contract. Cancel anytime.

Do you guarantee results?

Now how can I do that?

Why do you have an app and a Facebook member group page?

The app is for the workouts and the member page is to get everything else. Ask questions, chat with other members, get recipes, downloads etc…

It is way too confusing to have everything on your phone.

What if I don’t use Facebook?

It is free to sign up and you don’t have to give out any personal info. I may change this at a later date but for now it seemed the logical choice.

What if I have questions?

You can call me, email me or get on Facebook and post.

Do you have follow along workout videos?

No but I bet you do, gathering dust on your bookshelf. Don’t follow along. Work on form and at your own pace. This is how you get results.