Post 45: Day 2: Meditation Challenge 10 Minutes

So the first day went so well, I decided to up my time to ten minutes. Now if there are any guru-types out there, please feel free to point out any mistakes I am making with this. Ten minutes is a lot harder than five. One difference is that I meditated about 8 pm about a workout and a shower. The thinking behind being that I should be relaxed at this point. I am not sure how the time of day plays into all this but just as I analyze workouts, we will test this out and see what effect it has.

Counting down from 100. Obviously I had more time to play with. The first attempt I ended up in the forties then the wheels came off. For those of you who didn’t read the first chapter of this, I am trying to train my mind to count down from 100 to 0. A number for each breath, no hesitation or screw-ups or you have to start over. This is the idea.

After the first attempt, everything fell apart. I couldn’t get past 90 the next couple of times. Then near the end I forgot to start counting again. i am telling you, it is harder than it appears!

One interesting thing of note: When I started, images would pop into my mind but they would be outside the numbers, kind of on the fringes. This time the images were designs and characters but they would appear wrapped around and poking out from the numbers. This is the other thing that happened. I started seeing the numbers clearer. Nice white, stylized numbers.

Again, I have no idea what this means, i am just reporting it. The plan is to stay with ten minutes for a while until it gets a little easier to control my wandering mind.

Afterwards I did feel a little calmer and refreshed even though the session ended in total chaos.

You guys should try this. Do it and let me know what you are experiencing.

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