Post 44: Day 1: Meditation Challenge

Day 1 went smooth enough. 5 minutes of meditation. My plan here is to ease into this. Five minutes did not seem long enough to really settle in so I am going for ten minutes today. I did seem to emerge from this a little better focused and maybe a little energized. We will see what happens today.

My method is pretty simple. I read this on the web years ago and it has always stuck with me. You sit in a comfortable position and try to count from 100 to zero. This is much harder than it sounds. In fact, you should try it. The idea is to anchor and focus your attention on one thing. The analogy that meditators use has to do  with elephants. When Indians use elephants in a parade, they always have them hold something in their trunk. This prevents them from stealing food as they walk down the parade route.

So the countdown is my way of focusing. When I did this consistently, I actually did get to zero a few times. The basic rule is simply this: if you mess up and forget where you are in the countdown you have to start over.
if you do get to zero, you just hang out there for a while.

 Remember, I am just a knucklehead trainer not a guru. I am open to comments and recommendations

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