Customize Online Workouts

Customize Your Online Workouts


Did you know you can customize online workouts with M Factor Fitness?

Is that not cool or what!  It is simple and easy to completely customize your workout.

Note: These are workouts I designed myself. Don’t get too crazy swapping out exercises. I put them in for a reason.

If you are a member you know this but when you enroll in my M Factor Online training I will load a number of workouts on your phone app.

These include :

  • Warm-ups and Cool-downs
  • Get off the Couch 4 week Kickstart Program
  • 10 Minute Ab Workouts
  • Upper Body workouts
  • Lower Body Workouts
  • Quickie workouts that require little equipment and can done almost anywhere.

My Philosophy with Online workouts

I see a number of programs start off with ridiculously hard exercises that are wildly inappropriate for beginners.

You may think is it cool to try pistol squats even if you can’t do a 2 leg squat.

It isn’t cool, trust me.

I think some people even think it is a badge of honor to have their knees ache the next day to show how hardcore they are.

And if you want that type of adventure there are a number of programs that can get you injured within a short period of time, I am not going to be a part of that.

I like my clients to make progress so I approach things a little different.

We start by building a foundation. Once you learn and get strong with the basic exercises, we can add on harder variations.

That being said, I still do almost all the basic exercises listed. There are more than enough workouts available to you with different exercises to keep you interested. I guess what I am saying is don’t be in a hurry to try exercises you aren’t ready for. The clients I have trained that have made the most progress focus on perfect form.

I am also trying to make my personal coaching affordable and accessible to everyone.

To do that I need to keep things simple. In fitness simple is better. Always.

If you need help or have questions you can always email me. There are no exceptions to this. I am here to help you.

So back to the task at hand.

Why Customize Online Workouts?

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I see 3 reasons why you might want to modify a workout.

  • You don’t have the equipment.
  • You want a more advanced or more basic exercise.
  • You are working around an injury.


What is the Workout Library?

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The workout library contains over 100 exercises that I have shot with HD video.

As you can imagine, there is no way to put all these exercises into your workouts. It would take up a lot of memory and the your phone would slow to a crawl.

I have hand-picked all these exercises so you aren’t going to find any clunkers. But sometimes you may want to switch out a couple exercises for variety.

The best thing to do is play around with the app for a while. You can’t mess anything up and in case you do, I will help you fix it.

So watch the video and let me know what you think.

Not a member yet?

You’re kidding.

These are screenshots from my online training program. Become a member and see the videos in HD.

For the ridiculously low price of $10/month you can get access me as your personal trainer.

  • Free app download.
  • Membership to my private Facebook page.
  • Access to a bunch of workouts all with HD video, descriptions and pictures.
  • Fill your calendar with workouts in the app.
  • Customize workouts. Switch out exercises from my library of over 100 exercises.
  • Ask me fitness/nutrition questions.
  • Be a part of a community.

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