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Questions about  M Factor Fitness Online training?

Let’s get them answered.

Is it really only $10/month?


How does it work?

You sign up via Paypal and download the M Factor Fitness app on your phone (or you can just log in through the website with your computer).

Here is what it looks like.

M Factor Fintess Online app









I will send you an email with your password when I get your account set up.

Click here to sign up!

What Online Programs Do I get?

To make this affordable, I have devised a number of workouts to cover almost any goal you want to accomplish. You can always go in and delete workouts, change the exercises or create new workouts from my workout library. You have unlimited freedom with my training but these workouts are a great place to start.

P.S. I am a pretty nice coach. Let me know what equipment you have and what your goals are and I will get everything customized for you.

No extra charge. See, I told you I was nice!

These are all subject to change but I wanted to give you an idea of what you get when you sign up.

Online Program 1: 10 Minute ab workouts

10 minute ab workouts have a built in timer and are designed to hit all areas of the core. Hint: #1 is easier than #6. It is progressive.

10 minute ab workouts




























Online Program 2: The” 4 week get off the couch”

The “4 week Get off the Couch” are 4 progressively harder full body workout designed to gradually get you back in the game.

Do Workout 1 three times a week the first week, then workout 2 the next week…you get the idea.

online workouts

















Online Program 3: The Balancing series

The Balancing series is an add-on workout you can do anytime. For best results pick 2-3 exercises and do 2-3 sets barefoot.

Online Program: Balancing

Online Program 4: Quickies

Quickie workouts are ugly, intense workouts when time is short and you have limited equipment. Great for hotel rooms while you are traveling or anytime you want your butt kicked.

Quickie Online programs






























Online Program 5: warm-ups, Cool-downs and Stretches

Warm-ups are to be done before the workout.
Cool-downs are done after the workout.

Online programs stretches













Online programs cool-downs






Bonus online programs

I have a custom library of over 200 exercises for you.

online programs
















  • Kettlebell exercises
  • Dumbbell
  • TRX / Bands
  • Free weight

You can go into any workout and replace exercises or even create custom workouts.

How to customize Your Online Workout

Setting up Your Calendar

Hopefully this helps answer your questions. I designed my online training to be simple, affordable and most of all, effective.

Need a little more help???

Apply for membership in my VIP online training which is the ultimate in online accountability.

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What Are The Dangers of Crossfit?

What are Some of the Dangers of Crossfit?


Choose your weapon. 45, 55 or 70 pounds of pure fun!

I recently received this question and the person deserves a fair and honest answer on how dangerous Crossfit is.

Before I do that, let me make this statement.

  1. I like any discipline that uses barbells, kettlebells and other weights. That includes Crossfit.
  2. Crossfit has done a huge amount of good bringing a greater awareness about strength. Especially to women.
  3.  Crossfit isn’t any more dangerous than some personal trainer goofball showing you how to work a pec-deck at 24 hour fitness. In fact if you take the time to do it correctly, it is a great way to get strong and very fit.

But I do consider it flawed. Here is why.

 One of the selling points of Crossfit is that they want to get good at everything.

So a typical workout…well there aren’t typical workouts. Every day is different so you don’t get in a rut.

But doing the same movement over and over is the only way to get good at it. It takes thousands of reps to hone your form.

You have couch potatoes (no offense meant) stepping into a world that may throw gymnastic moves, kettlebell movements, Olympic lifts and power lifting at you in the same session.

How are they supposed to get proficient in all these exercises?

Consider this.

  1. The biggest danger with Crossfit is that they ask you to do complex, intricate movements as fast as you can. Olympic style movements like snatches and clean and jerks take years to learn properly. And they only do 1 rep.
  2. Crossfit asks you to do high volume reps with exercises that are aren’t suited for high reps. Let’s talk about deadlifts, cleans etc… Again, these are traditionally low rep movements. They take a lot of coordination, experience and strength to execute.

I have no problem with the crossfit exercises, even the kipping pull-up.

My issue is what they do with them. Very few people can do high rep movements with a challenging weight and maintain proper form.

Especially when you are doing a series of movements for time without breaks. To do that you have to already be highly conditioned.

More than that, you need to have the experience in your mental game to know how to budget your energy and strength.

The Crossfit athletes you see on tv are gifted athletes that have come from a disciplines like gymnastics or olympic lifting that translate well to the sport.

They have the flexibility and the understanding of body movement. They also know how to manage their heart rate and when to back off.

That is very different from the average person who is sedentary, lacks power and flexibility.

So how do you get that flexibility and experience?

In a perfect world that person steps into a crossfit box and the trainer puts them in a class to learn all these separate movements. When they are ready, they can participate. That may take months or years.

I am talking about just doing the lifts properly without tying them into a workout.

The problem is that the client doesn’t want that.

This is an instant gratification society.

They want to see how fast they can go.

They want a workout even though they can’t do they can’t do the exercises right.

They want to sweat and be beaten down.

Why don’t you just “fake it until you make it?”

I have been training people for over a decade, you can’t just “wing it”. Some clients pick up movements quickly. Others don’t.

If you want to get good at crossfit. And by good, I mean not being a menace to yourself, it will take time.

In addition to the workouts…

  •  Watching video time.
  • Stretching, rolloing and smashing time to gain flexibility and repair old injuries.
  • Personal one-on-one training time for the complicated movements.

No problem, they can teach me. The owner is in really good shape.

For $40 a month????

Crossfit is no different than stepping into a gym.

There are good owners who care and create a culture of learning and helping.

Then there are the owners that are just looking after the bottom line. The teaching at some of these boxes is atrocious. Just as the personal training is at a lot of gyms.

Don’t believe me? Go on a site like Flickr and look at some of the crossfit gyms posting daily pictures. You tell me how many of the clients are doing the exercises correctly.

The risk of injury doing sets is a lot lower than the risk of doing a high intensity circuit…if you don’t know what you are doing.

Even if the owners know what they are doing, do they have the time to personally coach each individual? No. Your $40/month can’t possibly cover that.


You have people doing exercises they don’t know how to do as fast as they can racing against a clock.

Where could the danger in that be?

If you would like help learning some of the exercises they do at Crossfit, find a trainer that can train you in olympic lifting, gymnastics etc…one on one.

If you would like something a bit safer but I think is just as effective, check out my online training by clicking here.

Quickie Workout #3C

Can I have 10 minutes of your time to kick your butt?

(Not including rest times)

Welcome to Quickie Workout #3C

No equipment needed. All I need is about 10 minutes of your time.

Impossible you say?

Are you up for the challenge?

The holidays are upon us and everyone is short for time. So it is always good to have a workout in your back pocket that you can do anywhere and anytime.

The Quickie workout series is available with my online training system. This is a free app download that includes different workouts for every situation.

  • Customize your workouts
  • Use the calendar to plan your workouts for the month.
  • See HD videos of every exercise.
  • Get access to me. The evil genius behind these workouts.

For only $10/month my online training is an absolute no-brainer.

Check it out here.


  • You have 5 exercises in a circuit.
  • Start your stopwatch.
  • Go through the exercises as fast as possible with very good to excellent form. Sloppy reps don’t count.
  • Stop and record your time.
  • Take a short rest and repeat 2 more times.

Beginners do 15 reps of everything.

Intermediates do 20 reps of everything

Advanced do 25 reps of every exercise.

Oh yeah, did I forget to mention that each round needs to be faster than the last?

What you need











The Exercises



Quickie #3C













The Exercises Explained

exercises explained






























These are screenshots from my online training program.

For the ridiculously low price of $10/month you can get access me as your personal trainer.

  • Free app download.
  • Membership to my private Facebook page.
  • Access to a bunch of workouts all with HD video, descriptions and pictures.
  • Fill your calendar with workouts in the app.
  • Customize workouts. Switch out exercises from my library of over 100 exercises.
  • Ask me fitness/nutrition questions.
  • Be a part of a community.

Click here to learn more!

How To Schedule Online Workouts with M Factor Online Training



“Those who fail to plan, plan to fail”

Hey everybody, Coach Mike here. This may be the number one reason people fail to achieve their goals.

And we just can’t have that. Especially during the holidays.

If you are a member of M Factor Online Training you will be happy to know it only takes a few minutes to plan your month.

And it may be the most beneficial 5-10 minutes of your workout week.

That sounds like a big statement but trust me on this.

So let’s get to it.


Special Announcement: I am setting up the first month for all new members. After you sign up, let me know what you want to work on and what equipment you have/days you can work out etc… and I will program a month of workouts for you.



 Important Point #1: Always know what workout you have planned.

If you don’t have a plan you are going to either skip the workout or wing it.

I can spot an improvised workout a mile away and they never are pretty. I used to train a client at a private club. As we were training, I would see people wandering aimlessly between the bicep curl machine and the treadmill. Kind of like a Walking Dead. Except they weren’t killing humans, they were looking for ways to kill time. I am not sure which is worse!

My online training includes a bunch of workouts that are already designed for you and they are in sequence. All you have to do is drop them into the calendar.

Hint: Until you get familiar with the warm-up and cool-down exercises, include them in your calendar.

 Important Point #2: Plan the week, don’t go day by day.

Sit down at the same time every week and plan out what you are going to do. As you will see in the video, when you schedule a workout ahead of time you activate the reminder system. This way you get a notification everyday that you need to workout. Pretty cool!

Also, planning your workouts ahead of time will help you build mental discipline. The more you hammer into your head the idea of having workouts at set times, the more likely you are to do them.

That being said, things will come up from time to time. if that is the case, just tap on your workout and reschedule it. No worries.

 Important Point #3 :Do what you can, not what you think I want to see.

  • Did you know I can see your calendar?
  • Did you know I get a message when you either complete or miss a workout?

Well, now you do. So don’t program a ton of workouts on weeks when you are going to be running around like crazy.

This is your workout. I understand that some weeks are more hectic than others. I would rather have you put in fewer workouts and complete them than put in a boat load full and miss most of them.

Success in fitness is based on completed workouts not missed ones!

Final Important Point: Ask questions!!!

Let’s be honest here. I do have a bunch of clients so I am not waiting around for someone to email me a question. But on the other hand, if I don’t hear from you I have to wonder what is going on. You are not bothering me if you have a question or concern. I want to hear from you.

I feel my online training is the best online personal training out there but it doesn’t work unless you use it.

There are no silly questions.

I will always have time to answer your questions and will do whatever I can to make sure you are successful.


So watch the video and take time to set up your month.

You can’t mess anything up so go for it.

Not a member?

Check out my online training here.

Workout of The Week: Superset Madness

Workout of the Week #1 Superset Madness

Are you in the mood for a hard workout of week?

A Workout of the week or WOW is not for the weak.
 This one is from my online training program and it is a doozy.
I am going to give you an idea what to do based on screen pics.
Members get this on their phone with HD video and a full description of each exercise.
Oh yeah, it is only $10/month. Click here for more info.
First off, you need an interval timer.

What is an interval timer you ask?

Basically the interval timer keeps you moving. Work on the ding and stop on the next ding. Don’t worry about counting reps, just go for it.

For some of my workouts I build a timer inside the program so you can click and go.

This workout of the week is simple, yet hard to add a timer in so you will have to download a HIIT (high intensity interval timer).

The good news is that they are free to download.

The other good news is that they all work the same.

You want to program the number of sets.

In this case you are doing 3 sets of 2 exercises, then taking a break.

So we are talking about 6 sets.

Program work time.

Beginners start with 40 seconds, intermediates use 45 seconds and hardcores use 50 seconds.

Program rest time

Beginners use 20 seconds, intermediates use 15 seconds and advanced use 10 seconds.

The workout explained

The workout consists of 4 mini circuits. Do each circuit 3 times then move on to the next.
Your first group of exercises is dumbbell presses followed by squats.
Then you have alternating lunges and dumbbell rows…get it?
This is a sample of the workouts I do with my clients and the workouts you can get on my online training program.
If you are a member, you can go in and substitute exercises with my exercise library which has over 200 exercises.
My online training features a free smartphone app download that has HD videos and a built in timer that will show you what exercise to do and automatically switch to the next one.
workout of the week

Pretty cool for just $10/month. Check it out at http://mfactorfitnessandnutrition.com


Online training

Exercise Descriptions

The actual workout on your smartphone includes HD video and a Built in Interval timer.
You also have the ability to customize your workout by substituting exercises.
online coaching
Online personal training

To learn more about how to become an M Factor Fitness Online Member Click Here.

Interval Training Now Available on M Factor Fitness Online Personal Training!


M FactorFitness Online Interval Training!

Well, to be honest we had interval training before but it was clunky. You had to switch from my app to your HIIT timer. Not the ideal situation.

But check out what you can do now!


INTERVAL TIMER. The advanced interval timer features a countdown timer for each individual exercise, and a timer that counts down the rest of the total time in the workout. The timer incorporates the exercise videos right into the workout, so I can create a highly customized interval routine by being able to specify the exercise duration and rest time.

The video for the next exercise becomes available as you go through the workout. If you click to watch the video, the Interval Timer will pause until you’ve finished watching the video, then it will automatically resume.

VOICE-OVER. Need to know which exercise is coming up next? Let your device tell you! The voice-over feature will announce the names of the workouts and the time left on the clock, so that clients no longer have to keep looking at their mobile app to follow the interval workout.


Still ridiculously cheap at only $10/month.


Workout of the Week: An Advanced Full Body Circuit WOW#1


WOW#1 Workout Of The Week

Advanced Circuit training

I was in a mood to get down to business with my clients this week, so here is what I cooked up.


Advanced Circuit Workout



























What you will need:

A HIIT Timer.

Don’t have one?

Don’t know what one is?

No worries, they are free. Here is a video about the one I use and how to set it up.


What to Watch Out For:

You may notice that some of the exercises are for 45 secs while others are for 22 seconds.

  • For the 45 second exercises you do that movement for the whole time. Ex: Side Squats.
  • For the 22 second exercises, watch the timer and switch hands/.feet at the halfway point. Ex: Front raises

This allows you to use more weight and keep your form intact.


  • Set your interval timer to 45 seconds of work and 15 seconds of rest.
  • Don’t let your form get sloppy. I would rather you take short breaks within the set when you form starts to break down.
  • Do 3 rounds.

This is one of the workouts my online members get delivered to their phone every week along with preset programs targeting different parts of the body.

The member workouts have videos for all exercises and detailed descriptions.

If you would more info on becoming a member, click here.

Podcast 45: Welcome to 2015, An Epic Fail of a Workout Dissected and Why You Don’t Buy a Toothbrush For Your Spouse on Christmas

Welcome to 2015!

In this episode I take a step back to welcome any new years resolution people by giving a short introduction of M Factor Fitness theory. If any of them are still listening after that we cover why you shouldn’t get dish towels, tooth brushes, underwear, socks, copy paper or spatulas to your significant other on Christmas. If you must, please don’t count it against their Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanza budget. This may be marriage saving advice for some of you.
I also share my color coding scheme for wrapping presents so you never give the wrong gift to anyone. So bookmark this podcast for December next year. Never happen? It happened to me this year. 
Any fitness advice? Oh yeah. The self- destruct of the week is my new favorite source of material, Mr. Dolvett Quince of Biggest Loser fame. The “Biggest Loser” show have turned out better comedians than “Last Comic Standing” and today’s example of a workout is no exception. Very funny except for the fact people will get injured trying to do it. Oh yeah and the fact it is a pointless workout. 
 Never to leave anyone hanging, I give you an alternative workout you can do on your own without equipment.
4 exercises, 4 rounds. Work up to 25 reps each exercise. after you reach that, change the exercises to harder versions and you have an easy to remember full body workout. I give tips on how to do all the exercises so you don’t mess yourself up.
Beginner Version:
1. Squats
2. Push-ups (yes you have to do them)
3. Reverse Crunches
4. Bridges
This is a circuit that will test cardio, build some strength and muscle endurance and burn calories.
1. 1 1/2 Squats
2. Downward Dog Push-ups
3. Mountain tops
4. Bridges with feet on a table.
Advanced ( high impact )
1. Jump Squats
2. Burpees
3. Push-up into side plank combo
4. One legged bridges
Finally we look at the People magazine article where people have lost half their body weight and look for clues to help you.

Podcast 3: Circuit and Interval Lolapalooza!


Episode 3: Circuit and Interval Lolapooza!



Hey, Michael here. Think you know circuits and interval training? Well, I certainly hope you do but I bet I can give you a couple ideas you have not thought of. My job is to give you at leat 1 good piece of information you can use to get in better shape.

Learn what the difference is and how you can adapt any circuit workout to your needs. After we beat the interval circuit topic to death I also dip into cross-training.

Included as a bonus: Why you should proudly wear your Cannibal Corpse or Hello Dolly t-shirt proudly.


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RBT Bands – Looped bands for speed and power training.


Podcast 2: Why People Quit, How To Design An Awesome Ab Workout And Anal Explosions!

Episode 2: Why People quit, how to design an awesome ab workout and anal explosions!




Episode 2: Why People quit, how to design an awesome ab workout and anal explosions!

This was a fun little podcast to do.

Jillian Michaels won’t be talking about this stuff! Guaranteed!

Part 1: The three stages of working out.

Part 2: How to construct an awesome ab workout.

HIIT High Intensity interval timer- You can download them for free for your smart Phone at the ITunes store or the Android store.

Part3: Is it okay to fart in front of a personal trainer. 


Free 5 Day Fat Loss Video series: http://mfactorfitnessandnutrition.com/free-5-part-fat-loss-video-series/

Website: www.mfactorfitness.com.

Blog : http://mfactorfitnessandnutrition.com/blog/

Podcast: http://mfactorfitness.podbean.com/

Online Training start for $1: http://mfactorfitnessandnutrition.com/online-training/

Get a free jug of Protein powder: http://mfactorfitness.getprograde.com/workout-free-trial.html

RBT Bands – Looped bands for speed and power training.