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You sign up via Paypal and download the M Factor Fitness app on your phone (or you can just log in through the website with your computer).

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M Factor Fintess Online app









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What Online Programs Do I get?

To make this affordable, I have devised a number of workouts to cover almost any goal you want to accomplish. You can always go in and delete workouts, change the exercises or create new workouts from my workout library. You have unlimited freedom with my training but these workouts are a great place to start.

P.S. I am a pretty nice coach. Let me know what equipment you have and what your goals are and I will get everything customized for you.

No extra charge. See, I told you I was nice!

These are all subject to change but I wanted to give you an idea of what you get when you sign up.

Online Program 1: 10 Minute ab workouts

10 minute ab workouts have a built in timer and are designed to hit all areas of the core. Hint: #1 is easier than #6. It is progressive.

10 minute ab workouts




























Online Program 2: The” 4 week get off the couch”

The “4 week Get off the Couch” are 4 progressively harder full body workout designed to gradually get you back in the game.

Do Workout 1 three times a week the first week, then workout 2 the next week…you get the idea.

online workouts

















Online Program 3: The Balancing series

The Balancing series is an add-on workout you can do anytime. For best results pick 2-3 exercises and do 2-3 sets barefoot.

Online Program: Balancing

Online Program 4: Quickies

Quickie workouts are ugly, intense workouts when time is short and you have limited equipment. Great for hotel rooms while you are traveling or anytime you want your butt kicked.

Quickie Online programs






























Online Program 5: warm-ups, Cool-downs and Stretches

Warm-ups are to be done before the workout.
Cool-downs are done after the workout.

Online programs stretches













Online programs cool-downs






Bonus online programs

I have a custom library of over 200 exercises for you.

online programs
















  • Kettlebell exercises
  • Dumbbell
  • TRX / Bands
  • Free weight

You can go into any workout and replace exercises or even create custom workouts.

How to customize Your Online Workout

Setting up Your Calendar

Hopefully this helps answer your questions. I designed my online training to be simple, affordable and most of all, effective.

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Podcast 7: Christmas Goodies for Your Home Gym

Episode 7: Christmas Goodies for Your Home Gym



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Episode 7: Christmas Goodies for Your Home Gym

December 28, 2013

Episode 7: Goodies for your home gym.

Why do people buy so much useless crap for their gyms?
I can only hope it isn’t too late for me to save you a little cash and keep you from having to put your abdominator on Craigs list.

Beginning Kettlebell Training for Women

When They Get Big, You Should Name Your Kettle Bells

Yes you should name your Kettlebells when they get big. Here is a 45 pound, 55 pound and 70 pound bell.

KettleBell Training For Women

I found a great article by Lauren Brooks on www.Dragondoor.com.

Let me just say this, if you get intrigued by kettlebells and what they can do for you, there is no better resource than Dragon Door.

P.S. On the right hand side of this blog is an ad for Onnit. Check out the cool primate and demon kettlebells they have. Really cool.

I have always been of the mindset that if someone goes through the bother of writing a great article, I would rather promote it and give the writer credit than doing a re-write and claiming it is my idea.

This month my blog seems to have a theme of convincing women to lift heavy to lose fat. So here is another article and it is a great one. Even if you are a guy, pay attention to the ideas.

So after decades in the United States, Kettlebells have suddenly become the “cool” thing to do. That’s the good thing.

A Kettlebell workout may be

  • The most demanding workout you ever do.
  • The best cardio workout you ever do.
  • The most functional workout you ever do.

And that is saying a lot.

In addition

  • You don’t need a lot of space.
  • You don’t need a lot of equipment
  • You don’t have to learn a lot of movements.

Isn’t that awesome.

But don’t be fooled by cheap imitations.

My Quick Kettlebell Rant

Anytime you get a system that really works, marketers start rubbing their little ratty paws together to try and water it down. It is no different with kettlebell training. Instead of learning from people that specialize in this sport, you see the “celebrity” trainers with their own kettlebell workouts. You know who I am talking about. “Biggest Loser” coaches, “Cardio Bunnies” and others. I have seen a couple of these “workouts” and I noticed a couple things.

  • They have no understanding of kettlebell training.
  • They lack technique.
  • They basically substitute a kettlebell for a dumbbell. So you end up doing exercises that a kettlebell person would never do.
  • They introduce little bitty 3 and 5 pound kettle bells. Some even made of plastic!

You should avoid these “Celebrity Coaches” like the plague anyway but please avoid them when it comes to kettlebell training.

Plastic 3 pound kettlebells ? Really?

A Word of Caution:

When you learn kettlebell movements, you are creating a lot of force with the bell. Control the forces generated and your lower back and joints will become bullet-proof.

Screw around those forces will mess you up. So please learn from a professional. Look for the RKC designation.

P.S. I don’t have the designation and I wouldn’t pretend to be able to show you how to do all the moves. I will teach my clients the swing but that is about it.

Listen to Lauren, She knows what she is talking about.

Enough of my soapbox. here is the article and here is the link.

The Need to Train Like A Man, Especially if you are a Woman

Lauren Brooks, RKC
March 9, 2006 04:08 PM

Come on ladies! Are you sick of watching men do pull-ups and you can’t even do one? I know I was!

As a fitness coach I stay current with the latest developments. I am always looking for workouts to stay in shape that are not only effective, but also fun. Since most of my clients are more concerned with having a lean physique than with developing real strength, it’s been a challenge to convince them that training for strength is an excellent way to become leaner.

Many women have the illusion that if they even glance at free weights, they will end up looking like Arnold’s long lost twin sister. As a result, women flock to aerobics classes and exercise machines every year with the hope of discovering the holy grail of fat loss.

I do not have to tell you what the end result is.

Think I am being too harsh? Go to an aerobics class today and take a mental note of the class. Now go back in a month and take a look at the results. See what I mean?

Results that are noticeable do not come from just cardiovascular exercise. Make no mistake about it, the best way to get a lean, sexy, and a well defined physique is with heavy weights and low reps. Why? Read the rest of the article to find out.

I am also going to go over what I believe is the most effective form of weight training for women and what it did for me. By the time you get to the end of this article, you will be over the irrational fear that lifting heavy weights makes women bulky. You will have a plan of action to develop a body that is super strong and conditioned. The body you have always wanted. Lets get started! Many woman who insist on training with light or medium weights and doing many reps end up building Sarcosplasmic Hypertrophy: bloated, soft and useless muscle. Proper strength training leads to gains in Myofibrillar Hypertrophy: strong and dense muscle. Using lower reps and heavy weights is the best way to achieve the lean physique.

Moreover, you will actually have strength that works; strength that will let you achieve that pull up you’ve always wanted. And don’t worry, most women do not have the testosterone levels to achieve the big bulky muscles. Men have 10 to 15 times the amount of testosterone women posses. Men still have to work very hard to put on muscle. In order to build big bulky muscles you have to have the right amount of testosterone levels, an increased caloric intake, and a regimen that includes lots of volume. Lots of volume can mean 5-10 sets per exercise. So what is the best way to develop real strength? I am firmly convinced it is kettlebell training. When I discovered kettlebells, I was hooked immediately and stopped training with dumbbells and machines. After training with only kettlebells 2-3 times a week for 10 weeks, I lost about 4-5% of my body fat. I am 5’3 and was 118 pounds with 18% body fat. Now I’m 114 lb, much stronger and more conditioned and have a body fat of 13%.

I look better now than I did in college. I was amazed and so were my clients and other trainers; they begged me to teach them what I was doing. The first kettlebell exercise I start my clients with is the swing. The SWING is the foundation of Russian Kettlebell training. It teaches (a) the hip thrust that is powerful and explosive, (b) compressed breathing, and (c) how to generate force quickly. This exercise gives you the skills necessary to excel in all Kettlebell lifts. Spend a lot of time perfecting your swings. Here is how to get started: Most women start with an 8kg weight and men with a 16kg kettlebell. Some women can start with a 12kg. (Exercise descriptions adapted from the Russian Kettlebell Challenge Certification manual.)

  1. Take a natural squat stance making sure your knees are aligned with your ankles
    1. Keep your head up and looking straight forward
    2. Keep a straight back- even when bending forward from hips
    3. Sit back rather than dip down
  2. Keep weight on your heels during swings until the top of the movement; you may shift your weight on your entire foot if that feels more comfortable.
    1. Maintain your balance at all times.
    2. At the bottom position, you should feel your hamstrings stretch.
  3. Explode the hips while keeping your arms straight and loose. The power comes from your legs not your arms. (Do not try and muscle the swing). Keep your shoulders down.
  4. Lock out the hips and knees at the top position. This is where you develop the power to swing the kettlebell.
    1. Squeeze the glutes tight every time you thrust
    2. Brace your abs to protect your spine.
  5. Your breathing should be a power inhale to your abdomen in through the nose at the bottom of the swing. As you snap your hips you let out a little fast breath bracing your spine (like you would with power punches)

Start out by doing 3-5 sets of 15 swings with a lighter bell. When you can do this without overtaxing yourself, move on to a heavier kettlebell. If your seeking to get your heart rate up this is for you. If you are doing the swings correctly your glutes will be sore the next day.

There are many variations with swings you can do once you get it down. There are two-handed swings, alternating swings, double swing (if you have two kettlebells; take a wider stance for this or say bye-bye to knee caps), walking swings, high swings, and so much more. Here are four other exercises you can add to your workout once you feel ready to move on.

The TURKISH GET-UP is an excellent exercise for shoulder stability, flexibility, and resilience. This is a very slow drill. Keep in mind to breathe shallow and keep your abs pressurized through out the set.

  1. Lie on your back and press the kettlebell (KB) in the air
    1. Elbow must be locked through the duration of the set
    2. Keep the handle at the base of the palm and your wrist tight
  2. Roll to your side and sit up keeping your eyes on the bell
  3. Use your free elbow to prop yourself up and get on one knee
  4. Carefully stand up
  5. Slowly reverse the movement and return to the floor (keeping your eye on the KB at all times)


The CLEAN is not only an exercise but a safe means to get the KB’s to your shoulders for other drills. Get in the same stance and pick the KB off the floor as you would for a swing.

  1. Keeping your arm loose: the KB is lifted with your hip thrust.
  2. Keep your elbow in and quickly flip your elbow under when the bell has almost reached your shoulder. Do not pull with your arm or try and cheat curl it up to your shoulder! The power is from your hip thrust.
  3. Right before the KB has landed on your forearm, quickly dipping your knees and getting under it will take away the impact.
  4. When returning the KB to the bottom position, keep your arm very loose. Swing it back between your legs and repeat.


The FRONT SQUAT is an outstanding leg strength, back, abs, and flexibility developer. This is by far the most practical of all squatting movements. It can be done with one or two KB’s.

  1. Clean the kettlebell and let it rest in the crook of your elbow
  2. Take a breath through your belly before descending
  3. Squat down as deep as you feel comfortable. Pause for 2 seconds
  4. Pressurize your abdomen and straighten out
  5. Push steadily through your heels as you ascend back to the top position

Hint: Never release all the air in your abdominal cavity at one time

The ONE-LEGGED DEAD LIFT is a great exercise that strengthens the hamstrings, glutes, and is important for both athletic power and back safety. It will teach you the very valuable skill of overall tension and staying tight.

  1. Have two KB on the ground side by side with enough room for your foot to fit between them.
  2. Grip the ground with your toes and keep the muscles around your ankle and on the bottom of your foot tight.
  3. Hinge over at your hips with a semi-squat and grab the KB’s. (Eyes are looking straight).
  4. Tense the glute of the loaded leg and brace the abs for that imaginary punch.
  5. Staying very tight throughout the body, push straight down with your leg and squeeze the bells off the ground.
  6. Try to maintain a straight spine. Do not attempt to recover lost balance by fidgeting; this could injure your knee.


Here is a sample program to get you started with the five exercises you just learned. Just to keep it simple for beginners, I would recommend 1 minute rests between each set. If you become very fatigue to where you lose your form, I advise you to stop immediately or go down to a lighter weight. If you are looking for higher intensity do one set of each exercise without stopping, then take a 1-2 minute break after all are completed and repeat 3-5 times.

One Arm Clean 3×6 on each arm
Front Squat 3×8
Two Arm Swing 3×20

Turkish-Get Up 2×3 per side
One-Legged Dead Lifts 3×5 per leg
One Arm Swing 2×15 on each arm

Double Clean 2×5
Double Front Squat 2×5
Turkish-Get Up 2×3 per side
Alternating Swings 3×15 per arm

So there you have it. Real strength and power exercises with weights for women and men that will get you that lean physique and real strength. Don’t be surprised if your athletic performance improves after 4 weeks of adding this type of training in to your life.

There are endless possibilities of fun and extremely difficult things you can do with kettlebells. Last important thing is to always play it safe! While its good to push your body to the limits, it’s imperative to know when you are over exerting yourself. If you have any questions feel free to contact me at Lauren@SoCaltrainer.com. References:
Zatsiorsky,V.(1995) Science and Practice of Strength Training. Human Kinetics.
Russian Kettlebell Challenge Certification Manual About the Author Lauren Brooks is a fitness and strength trainer in San Diego, CA. Lauren earned her B.S. in Kinesiology with an Emphasis in Fitness, Nutrition, and Health from San Diego State University. Lauren Brooks is Certified by American Council on Exercise and Russian Kettlebell Challenge. She is available for online nutrition and program designs as well as private and group sessions. You can contact her at Lauren@socaltrainer.com or go to www.SoCaltrainer.com


Hopefully you enjoyed the article!

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An Ugly Kettlebell Circuit For Legs

 Ready to get ugly?

Choose your weapon. 45, 55 or 70 pounds of pure fun!

Choose your weapon. 45, 55 or 70 pounds of pure fun!

Kettle bells circuits are, in my opinion, the best type of circuit you can do. They are unforgiving. If your form starts breaking down, you will pay for it. So unlike other types of circuits,these demand your full attention.

This is an ugly, ugly circuit for those of you who want to blast your legs. I have no idea why I was so mad at my legs that day. Oh yeah, I remember…I wanted to make them bigger and stronger. And this is how you do it.

Now, if you don’t have kettle bells, you can do this circuit with dumbbells. The only exercise you will have to replace is the swings. You can substitute 5-10 burpees or maybe do some pull-ups, rows or push-ups.

What you need:


I use 35 lb and 45 lb. ( I know it is cooler to use KG’s but what can I say, I am an American,. You should use a weight that will test you. remember, this is training not show off time. Kettlebell training should be a thing of beauty. I want nice controlled, smooth movements that work to transform your body into a single unit. Don’t be jerky or spasmodic and the most important rule of all….

If you can’t keep your form intact you are using too heavy a bell.

If you feel this in your lower back you need a lighter bell or you need to work on your form.

Take breaks if you need to. I don’t want your form breaking down because you think you need to work to the bell.

Interval Timer

Here is a sample of hiit timers. Most have a free version that will work just fine.

Here is a sample of hiit timers. Most have a free version that will work just fine.







Interval timer- If you don’t have one on your phone, download one. They are free and they work great. Just go to your app store and search for HIIT (high intensity interval timer). Go to settings and you will see an area for sets, high interval and low interval. The high interval is the work period and the low interval is the rest period. The names may be different depending on what app you download but you are smart and I have full confidence you can figure it out.

Suggested interval settings

Set the sets for 9.

50 seconds work and 10 seconds rest. Advanced

45 seconds work and 15 seconds rest. Intermediate

40 seconds work and 20 seconds rest. Beginner.



1. Kettlebells Swings- nice smooth swings.

2. Deadlift- use your legs and touch the kettlebell to the floor if you can.

3. Romanian or stiff legged Deadlift holding 1 Kettlebell. Stand on your left leg and hold kettlebell in the same hand. Do this exercise slow and deliberate. You may want to use a lighter weight for the first set as this really stretches out the hamstrings.

4. Romanian deadlifts Right side.

5. Front Squat- Use one Kettlebell and clean it to your left shoulder. Rack it there and squat.

6. Front squat right side.

7. Lunges Left leg. Hold either one or two kettlebells and step into the lunge and back with your left leg.

8. Lunges Right Leg

9. Kettlebell Swings

Let me know what you think.

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Post 61: Turkish Get-Up Tutorial

Hey, how is everyone today?

Who Wants to do A Turkish Get-Up?

One of the great things about publishing a blog is that I can direct this wobbly ship anyway I want. One of the things I like to do is share information I find. Not crappy marketing info or generic filler articles but honest fitness stuff from fellow athletes who are in the trenches like you and me. This information is always better and always more credible. This is actual training you can use.

That is why I originally posted the video from Neghar Fonooni, the 36k Turkish Get-Up. Now everyone wants to learn how to do one and to be honest, I am not the one to show you. But Neghar is. When I originally asked her permission to post her video on my site, she agreed.

If I were a vain person I would put a video of myself doing them but since she is teaching me, I will bow to the master on this one. The explanation is simply the best I have found. But I need to warn you, this is a hard and humbling exercise. Don’t be an idiot and try this using weight until you have your form down.  Don’t be a bigger idiot by trying to use the weight she uses. She is a trained professional. Doing a 72 pound TGU would be like trying to walk into a 500 lb squat. Work your way into it. I am.
Part 1 or 3

Part 2 of 3

Part 3 of 3

Visit me at http://www.mfactorfitness.com Michael Medvig is a personal trainer and owner of M Factor Fitness Inc., an in home personal training company in Parker Colorado. This blog represents opinions on fitness. Do your own research and draw your own conclusions. All information and materials on this site are provided as is and without warranty of any kind. These materials (including all text, images, logos, compilation, and design, unless otherwise noted) are copyright 2001-2010 M Factor Fitness Inc. All rights reserved. Copyright 2001-2010 M Factor Fitness Inc. All rights reserved. |

Post 60: An Amazing Feat With a Kettlebell- 36k TGU

As a trainer, one of the constant battles I fight is convincing women that you can train heavy and you won’t look freakish. To prove my point, here is a video from Neghar Fonooni. She has over 90 videos on YouTube and I would urge everyone to check them out.

If you are like most guys, you will be humbled by the amount of weight she lifts, not to mention the flawless form. If you are a woman, hopefully this will inspire you to go a little heavier next time you lift.


In case you don’t perform turkish get-ups, you can probably see from the video that they are hard. Really hard and technical. Notice she isn’t lifting 36 pounds, she is lifting 36kg which translates to 79.3 pounds! And she is doing this at a bodyweight of 125 lbs. Very cool.


Visit me at http://www.mfactorfitness.com Michael Medvig is a personal trainer and owner of M Factor Fitness Inc., an in home personal training company in Parker Colorado. This blog represents opinions on fitness. Do your own research and draw your own conclusions. All information and materials on this site are provided as is and without warranty of any kind. These materials (including all text, images, logos, compilation, and design, unless otherwise noted) are copyright 2001-2010 M Factor Fitness Inc. All rights reserved. Copyright 2001-2010 M Factor Fitness Inc. All rights reserved. |