Monthly Fitness Challenge Q&A

 M Factor Fitness Monthly Challenge Q&A   Why Do A Monthly Fitness Challenge? There are 168 hours in a week. That is a lot of time. At best I see my clients 2-3 of those hours. What my clients do during the other hours I really don’t have control over. I assign homework but sometimes […]

Schedule Your Online Workouts.

How to Schedule Your Online workouts If you have five minutes, you have time to schedule your online workouts. If you do this simple thing, schedule your online workouts, you will maximize your results and waste less time. This is not a chore but a gift you can give yourself. You can give yourself the […]

M Factor Fitness December Cardio Challenge- The Puppy Rescue Mission Virtual Run

Why not do a virtual run in December and help a great cause?    Accept the challenge and do a virtual run of 5k, 10k Half or Full marathon. You will get a nice medal and a great sense of self satisfaction. Are you feeling the extra weight of the holidays already? Don’t be that […]

5 Things You Need to Know About Foam Rolling

 Rehab 101: Rolling, Smashing and Stretching- An Introduction Why is everyone laying on a foam roller? Whatever happened to stretching? What about corrective exercise? Don’t even know what I am talking about? Let’s get all this cleared up for you because honestly, I think a lot of people who practice rolling and smashing don’t know […]

Customize Online Workouts

Customize Your Online Workouts   Did you know you can customize online workouts with M Factor Fitness? Is that not cool or what!  It is simple and easy to completely customize your workout. Note: These are workouts I designed myself. Don’t get too crazy swapping out exercises. I put them in for a reason. If you […]

6 Minute Core Workout

 Get a great core workout in 6 minutes. Impossible to get a core workout in 6 minutes you say? Okay, go and do your endless crunches and twists. You know you really don’t have to. Try this workout and become a believer. The Basics 3 exercises, each done for 15 reps. Repeat for as many loops as […]

Quickie Workout #3C

Can I have 10 minutes of your time to kick your butt? (Not including rest times) Welcome to Quickie Workout #3C No equipment needed. All I need is about 10 minutes of your time. Impossible you say? Are you up for the challenge? The holidays are upon us and everyone is short for time. So […]

How To Schedule Online Workouts with M Factor Online Training

    “Those who fail to plan, plan to fail” Hey everybody, Coach Mike here. This may be the number one reason people fail to achieve their goals. And we just can’t have that. Especially during the holidays. If you are a member of M Factor Online Training you will be happy to know it […]

Questions To Ask A Personal Trainer

Looking for a Personal Trainer but Don’t Know What to Ask? Let me give you some ideas (along with my answers so you can learn a little bit more about me.) Personal trainers intimidate people. I think it is because of the nature of our business. When you meet a personal trainer, you are usually […]

Why Meal Plans Suck and What You Can Do About It.

I can’t help but cringe every time I see a diet or meal plan being advertised. Here I go on another rant but I can’t help it. We are heading into a season where marketers will do their best to plump you up only to turn around and sell you a solution to de-plump you. […]

Workout of The Week: Superset Madness

Workout of the Week #1 Superset Madness Are you in the mood for a hard workout of week? A Workout of the week or WOW is not for the weak.  This one is from my online training program and it is a doozy. I am going to give you an idea what to do based on […]

Interval Training Now Available on M Factor Fitness Online Personal Training!

M FactorFitness Online Interval Training!   Well, to be honest we had interval training before but it was clunky. You had to switch from my app to your HIIT timer. Not the ideal situation.   But check out what you can do now!   INTERVAL TIMER. The advanced interval timer features a countdown timer for […]

Castle Rock Stair Climb

WOW Workout Of the Week #3 Welcome to one of the greatest wonders in Colorado. People speculate who actually built these ancient stairs. Aztecs? Perhaps. Egyptians? Maybe. The little people of Stonehenge? Whatever mysterious race built these stairs, they had great cardio. And you will too if you do this workout. Where: Phillip Miller Park, […]

Workout of the Week: An Advanced Full Body Circuit WOW#1

  WOW#1 Workout Of The Week Advanced Circuit training I was in a mood to get down to business with my clients this week, so here is what I cooked up.                                                 […]

Episode 94: The Forgotten Episode

The Fitness Podcast about Fitness, I think.   No, I am not kidding. I totally forgot what this episode was about. I know what you are thinking. “Well, why do you listen to it then and tell us.” True, that is a good point. But I already know the information coming out of my mouth, […]