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M Factor Fitness Online Programs

Questions about  M Factor Fitness Online training? Let’s get them answered. Is it really only $10/month? Yes How does it work? You sign up via Paypal and download the M Factor Fitness app on your phone (or you can just log in through the website with your computer). Here is what it looks like.   […]

Calories 101: Can you lose weight counting calories?

Calories are the theme for podcast #140. It is timely because this is February 28th. I have a funny feeling that a number of people who had great expectations for losing weight this year have given up. Don’t give up. Just try a different approach. Why should I listen to you about nutrition? I have […]

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January Fitness Challenge 2: Ladies Only

January Fitness Challenge 2: She Believed She Could So She Did Virtual Run       The January Fitness Challenge 2. When January 1 hits, you will hear people making a number of resolutions. One of the most popular ones is always “I am going to get in shape this year”. As a trainer and coach, […]

January Fitness Challenge- Operation Enduring Warrior

The M Factor Fitness January Fitness Challenge is here. Operation Enduring Warrior 5K, 10K or Half marathon. Note: This was a run scheduled for Veteran’s day. They still have medals available so I thought this would be a good time to help these guys out. Start the year off right. Set a good fitness goal for […]

I am Skinny and want to Gain Weight

I am Skinny and Want to Gain weight. What Do I Do? I don’t have access to weights, but I’m looking to gain muscle.   People who want to lose weight don’t understand how painful it can be to be skinny and want to gain weight. This was a question I answered on Quora. It hits […]