Can You Drop Fat and Build Muscle at the Same Time?

Can you drop fat and build muscle at the same time? “Hey Coach Mike,  I’m an currently working out 5 day a week. I am at 31 % body fat. I want cut it down to 15 % while maintaining the body weight. Can you please help to chalk out a good work out plan. […]

What is Corrective Exercise and Do You Need it?

“No No No, you are doing it all wrong. Do it this way!” That is not corrective exercise. Corrective exercise consists of 3 things. Joint mobilizations Stretches Specific targeted exercises Does Corrective Exercise Fix Joint Pain? That will be the topic of this post. Since I am a Corrective Exercise Specialist, hopefully I can explain […]

Big man Runs.Com: The Arvada Prairie Dog Half-Marathon

Here is the latest about my latest half-marathon, the Arvada Spring Prairie Dog. How did I do, what shoes did I wear, what did I eat and how many times did I go to the bathroom. it is all here.    

Half-marathons terrify me and the best ultra-running documentary.

In this episode I confide my darkest fears to you about running half-marathons. I also talk about the Bigfoot 200 documentary by Kerry Ward. best ultra running documentary of all time? You decide. . Check it out.

Big Man Runs.Com Episode 3: To Hell with Technology, Go Run!

My “racing” season is about to hit full force and I am freaking out. Half-marathons, Spartan races etc… In the process I am going out for runs like I am packing for a 2 week vacation. This week it all came to a crashing halt and i began to realize the true spirit of running. […]

Personal Trainers Say the Darndest Things Part 2

Here is the second installment of me taking questions from trainers who are asking basic questions on Facebook. Credit to them that they care enough to reach out for help. Too bad they got bad answers to the questions. So I am stepping in to make things right. As time permits I will put the […]

M Factor fitness

M Factor Fitness Online Programs

Questions about  M Factor Fitness Online training? Let’s get them answered. Is it really only $10/month? Yes How does it work? You sign up via Paypal and download the M Factor Fitness app on your phone (or you can just log in through the website with your computer). Here is what it looks like.   […]

Calories 101: Can you lose weight counting calories?

Calories are the theme for podcast #140. It is timely because this is February 28th. I have a funny feeling that a number of people who had great expectations for losing weight this year have given up. Don’t give up. Just try a different approach. Why should I listen to you about nutrition? I have […]

virtual run january

January Fitness Challenge 2: Ladies Only

January Fitness Challenge 2: She Believed She Could So She Did Virtual Run       The January Fitness Challenge 2. When January 1 hits, you will hear people making a number of resolutions. One of the most popular ones is always “I am going to get in shape this year”. As a trainer and coach, […]

January Fitness Challenge- Operation Enduring Warrior

The M Factor Fitness January Fitness Challenge is here. Operation Enduring Warrior 5K, 10K or Half marathon. Note: This was a run scheduled for Veteran’s day. They still have medals available so I thought this would be a good time to help these guys out. Start the year off right. Set a good fitness goal for […]

I am Skinny and want to Gain Weight

I am Skinny and Want to Gain weight. What Do I Do? I don’t have access to weights, but I’m looking to gain muscle.   People who want to lose weight don’t understand how painful it can be to be skinny and want to gain weight. This was a question I answered on Quora. It hits […]

What Are The Dangers of Crossfit?

What are Some of the Dangers of Crossfit? I recently received this question and the person deserves a fair and honest answer on how dangerous Crossfit is. Before I do that, let me make this statement. I like any discipline that uses barbells, kettlebells and other weights. That includes Crossfit. Crossfit has done a huge […]

can I run after a heavy meal

What Happens If I Run After A Heavy Meal?

What happens if I run after a heavy meal?      That’s actually a good question. We all take it for granted that we shouldn’t run. But what happens if we run after a heavy meal? 1. The Digestion issue The reason your Mom told you not to swim after you eat is based on […]

High Rep Push-ups: Do They Build Muscle?

Here is the question about push-ups as I answered it on Quora. I’ve been doing push-ups till I fail which is about 30 to 35 push-ups Will I see a muscle improvement overtime? I just had to jump in and help. There were some very sketchy answers. And I am being extremely kind when I use the […]

Why you need to push hard to build muscle.

Why you need to push hard to build muscle. Why can’t I do weenie workouts? Because you need to push hard to build muscle and make progress. Yes working out is hard. Training is painful but you will get used to it. You may even like it! So why do I ask my clients to give me […]