What is Corrective Exercise and Do You Need it?

“No No No, you are doing it all wrong. Do it this way!” That is not corrective exercise. Corrective exercise consists of 3 things. Joint mobilizations Stretches Specific targeted exercises Does Corrective Exercise Fix Joint Pain? That will be the topic of this post. Since I am a Corrective Exercise Specialist, hopefully I can explain […]

Big man Runs.Com: The Arvada Prairie Dog Half-Marathon

Here is the latest about my latest half-marathon, the Arvada Spring Prairie Dog. How did I do, what shoes did I wear, what did I eat and how many times did I go to the bathroom. it is all here. http://bigmanruns.com http://mfactorfitnessandnutrition.com    

Half-marathons terrify me and the best ultra-running documentary.

In this episode I confide my darkest fears to you about running half-marathons. I also talk about the Bigfoot 200 documentary by Kerry Ward. best ultra running documentary of all time? You decide. https://youtu.be/MRZF3ZIftMA . Check it out. http://mfactorfitnessandnutrition.com http://facebook.com/mfactorfitness http://bigmanruns.com

Big Man Runs.Com Episode 3: To Hell with Technology, Go Run!

My “racing” season is about to hit full force and I am freaking out. Half-marathons, Spartan races etc… In the process I am going out for runs like I am packing for a 2 week vacation. This week it all came to a crashing halt and i began to realize the true spirit of running. […]

Personal Trainers Say the Darndest Things Part 2

Here is the second installment of me taking questions from trainers who are asking basic questions on Facebook. Credit to them that they care enough to reach out for help. Too bad they got bad answers to the questions. So I am stepping in to make things right. As time permits I will put the […]