5 Essential Tips For Your Next Spartan Race

Ready for Your Spartan Race? Tough Mudder?   Listen to the podcast here.   Congratulations, you are embarking on a truly epic adventure. Whether it is a Spartan race, Tough Mudder or any of the other OCR events, you will finish a changed person. But that doesn’t mean you have to make rookie mistakes. Let […]

How To Stay Positive When the Going Gets Rough

Today we have a guest blogger, Caroline, who submitted a great article on how to stay positive when the running gets rough. Please understand, it will get rough, so you might as well adopt a mindset to deal with this stuff. If I could add three things to this excellent article. Your goal should be […]

More Ranting and the Worst Nutrition Advice for Runners Revealed

I was so flustered with last weeks examination of the inane milk vs running infographic, I just had to address it again. This guy, who I am not revealing his name because I don’t want to start a war or get sued, is equating a glass of milk with running a mile. Pretty cryptic. What […]

weight loss

The Most Important Weight Loss Tip you will ever get.

The most important, overlooked, never talked about weight loss tip is probably something you never thought about.   There are a lot of articles of weight loss focusing on doing certain things. Eat clean Drink more water. Exercise more blah,blah,blah. I am not putting down those tips because they are all part of the solution […]

Can You Drop Fat and Build Muscle at the Same Time?

Can you drop fat and build muscle at the same time? “Hey Coach Mike,  I’m an currently working out 5 day a week. I am at 31 % body fat. I want cut it down to 15 % while maintaining the body weight. Can you please help to chalk out a good work out plan. […]