Post 71: Are You Going To Give Up?????

If you are starting a fitness plan for the new year… is it going? 

I say this because this is the week most people start slacking off or quitting. I am here to give you a little encouragement. Hopefully you haven’t bought into the latest magazine article about “Losing 15 pounds in 15 days” or “How to to get a bikini body in 15 minutes a day”.

If you have you have been conned by the media. So have a lot of people. This is what they do.  You are thinking of quitting because your plan is failing dismally. This is where you take a deep breath, step back and assess the situation.

Remember: just because there is a sucker born every minute does not mean that you have to be that sucker. 

As you get older, getting in shape requires thought. 

What is your definition of being in shape?

The M Factor Fitness definition of getting in shape? 

  • Looking the way you want or at least being on a realistic path towards that goal.
  • Feeling healthy. Minimizing physical ailments through proper exercise technique and choice of exercises. Minimizing internal ailments through proper nutrition and supplementation.
  • Being strong. Strong is fun and that is all there is to it. Building muscle, strengthening tendons and ligaments so you can move correctly and get your metabolism where it needs to be.
  • Eating like an athlete so you can perform in life like an athlete.
  • Knowing when to take time off.
  • Knowing when to sleep.

Sad truth is some people give up right when they are on the edge of a breakthrough. Sadder truth is some people come up with plans that have no chance of working. So before you give up, see which of these applies to you. 

  1. You are following a plan. Not a magazine article, ad in the back of a magazine or infomercial but you have a serious plan written by a fitness professional. There are millions of ways to do this. Find one that fits your personality and lifestyle and stay with it. P.S. It better include nutrition and weight training.
  2. You have been following the plan. How hard are you actually working? Are you busting butt or going through the motions?
  3. You are watching and recording what you are eating. 
  4. You have a way to measure my results other than the scale. If you just started working out, you will gain muscle weight. Women will gain 3-5 pounds in the first few weeks and men can gain 5-10. This will offset any fat loss as seen on the scale. Either measure with body fat or put on a pair of jeans that are tight to use as a control.
  5. You have realistic expectations. 1-2 pounds of fat is a great goal. Not scale weight but fat. Try to do more and you will generally crash and burn.
  6. You have a system to make slight modifications as you assess how your body is changing. Stick with what works, providing you are giving it time to work and replace the parts of your program that aren’t.
  7. Factor in any side effects from prescriptions such as anti-depressants which will make it extremely hard to lose weight.
  8. If you are following all the above and still no progress, get a physical and a complete blood panel to look for slow thyroid, low testosterone, infections, fungus, parasites etc…
Hope this helps, give me a shout if you have any questions.

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