Post 30: Are You a Dieter or Athlete?

 Hopefully I have you thinking about this. The actual title of this was going to be ” Are you a dieter trying to lose weight or an athlete trying to lose weight?”

And there really is a difference. A big difference. So I am going to take this blog time and try and distinguish between the two.  As part of full disclosure, I should tell you I don’t train dieters. Dieters cannot be trained. They are mere slaves to a scale and will not take my advice. Make no mistake about this, M Factor Fitness clients are athletes. They may be accountants, Doctors, housewives, moms, dads, CEO’s etc… but when they start training they are athletes.

This is why my success rate is 95% and dieters have a failure rate of 95%.

 1. Dieters are slaves to the scale. As long as that scale goes down they are happy. Athletes don’t care about the scale. They know with proper training they will reach their goals and they measure this by bodyfat analysis.

 2. Dieters don’t care how they lose weight, they just want to weigh less. Athletes need to know if they are losing fat or muscle. This is where body fat analysis comes in. If you are keeping your muscle and dropping fat, then your nutrition is perfect. Start losing muscle mass you need to eat more. Body fat goes up, eat a little less. Isn’t that easier?

 3. Dieters drive their metabolism into the ground and crawl away from the ruins. Cutting calories, especially drastically cutting calories will actually slow down your metabolism. Metabolism is the speed you burn calories. If you have a slow metabolism you are going to have a hell of a time losing weight. Athletes by working out with weights actually hype their metabolism so they burn calories during the workout. The better your metabolism the more calories you will also burn at rest. This means you can lose fat while sleeping.

 4. Dieters will reach a breaking point. Either they get tired of drinking shakes, eating bland food and missing out on the stuff they like to eat or they get sick or they don’t see the results they want. So they quit. Now with a slower metabolism, they will gain all their weight back and then some. For most people, following a diet just doesn’t work. It doesn’t fit into their lifestyle. It just isn’t realistic. Athletes, once in shape, can eat pretty much anything they want. By training hard you learn how your body works. When you body is working efficiently you can get away with a lot. And have fun doing it if I may say so.

5. Dieters want to be smaller. Athletes want to shape their body. I have clients from 15 to 62. It is never too late to change the way you look. Lifting weights is actually the best thing for you as you get older. it keeps your bones strong, heart healthy and keeps your muscles in balance.

6. Dieters are always looking for the next best thing. High carbs, low carbs, paleo, Atkin’s they will try them all. They are mesmerized by weight loss commercials and especially infomercials. Athletes eat normally and don’t have to worry about what cavemen ate or how Kirstie Allie lost all that weight.


6. Dieters will never be happy and will get old and have aches and pains. Athletes will age slower, look better, feel better and continue to do the things they want to do far longer than their non-active counterparts.

So what are you waiting for? If you are in the south Denver suburbs I am waiting for you. If you aren’t or if money is tight, join my newsletter. I will turn you away from the evils of dieting and turn you into an athlete.

You may not like or agree with the information on this site. All I ask is that you try it and see for yourselves.

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