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Many people think of M Factor Fitness as a personal training website, which it is but I would like it to be more than that.  When I think of fitness there are many terms that come to mind, energy, size, strength, low body fat etc… But some terms that also come to mind such as confidence, sense of calm and  peace of mind kind of get lost in the shuffle. That is a shame because that is also a benefit of a fit body. Sometimes…..
 That is where a discipline such as meditation, Tai Chi and yoga come into play. Even I, your fearless leader, have to admit that I am not at peace with the world and this would be a nice thing to have. It seems that I have to fight for my own training time, let alone have time to sit and basically try and do nothing. So sitting around tends to lose every time.
But this is the point. By sitting still and having the reflective time you are better able to get in everything else in line. Wouldn’t you like a little more peace of mind? 
Now this is easier said than done. As I write this, I am frantically thinking about how I am going to get everything in. I need to start meditating, that is all there is to it. You should join me! After all, this is an interactive blog. It has been so long since I have meditated, I am not sure what it feels like. I think they would probably say that is feels like nothing but since I am doing nothing now, it should feel different….shouldn’t it?
Check out the article below. It is from Dahn Yoga and it presents a challenge. Can you feel all three signs that you are meditating? I know they would probably say that is is not a challenge but a journey. I hear you but I would love to be able to sit and meditate without feeling antsy, falling asleep or just distracted. It is time to claim my piece of the universe.
 I make this promise to you, I will try and meditate every day and as soon as I feel any of these signs I will let you know. I hope five minutes a day is enough for this. I should ask Shar about this. My hope is that five minutes is enough to at least get some feeling of inner peace. We will see. Who is in on this? Don’t be a weeny, you need this!
Send me a comment if you want to try this and I will make a list of people and we can figure this out.
Are You Meditating Now?
January 2nd, 2012
Three easy ways to know if you have reached a state of meditation

According to scientific research, the benefits of meditation are so numerous that it is actually difficult to list them all. For starters, though, meditation stabilizes brain waves into alpha waves, reduces oxygen consumption by 16 to 17 percent less than normal, improves blood circulation, and decreases stress levels.

However, for Dahn Yoga practitioners, it is not even necessary to measure results in the laboratory because those who focus and follow instruction well in their classes will experience immediate physiological responses.

How do you determine, then, if you have reached a state of meditation? In fact, there are three responses that indicate this state of mind, and they are easily determined during or right after your Dahn Yoga class.

Firstly, sweet saliva pools in your mouth. This phenomenon occurs when you are relaxed and the water energy in your spinal cord and brain flows smoothly.
Conversely, anyone with nervous tension can probably remember having a dry mouth. This means that your mind was not able to maintain a meditative state and that water energy doesn’t flow well in your body and brain. In fact, the incredible taste of the tea after class is due to the sweet saliva in your mouth produced by the Dahn Yoga exercise!

Secondly, your head becomes cool and your lower belly becomes warm. This is the effect of Water Up Fire Down, a phenomenon in which water energy from the kidneys circulates upward to the head and fire energy from your head and chest flows downward. This same phenomenon also brings warmth to your hands and feet.

Thirdly, a smile spreads across your face. This means that idle and negative thoughts and emotions have decreased and you’ve reached a positive state of awareness. This is reflected in your smile after Dahn Yoga classes—a smile that is purely natural and authentic because it bursts automatically from your heart without thought or judgment.

If you have experienced these conditions after a Dahn Yoga class, it means that you did indeed enter a meditative state. These three ways of checking the state of your mind and condition will be a helpful reminder for you to bring focus and energy back to your body, your dahnjon, and your smile!

— Lynn Moon

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