Post 60: An Amazing Feat With a Kettlebell- 36k TGU

As a trainer, one of the constant battles I fight is convincing women that you can train heavy and you won’t look freakish. To prove my point, here is a video from Neghar Fonooni. She has over 90 videos on YouTube and I would urge everyone to check them out.

If you are like most guys, you will be humbled by the amount of weight she lifts, not to mention the flawless form. If you are a woman, hopefully this will inspire you to go a little heavier next time you lift.


In case you don’t perform turkish get-ups, you can probably see from the video that they are hard. Really hard and technical. Notice she isn’t lifting 36 pounds, she is lifting 36kg which translates to 79.3 pounds! And she is doing this at a bodyweight of 125 lbs. Very cool.


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