Post 31: A Crazy Way To Maximize Your Set

This is something I did with my clients this morning and I thought I would share it with you. When you train clients in their home you have to be creative with workouts. The is a technique that I use a lot. It is based upon the pre-exhaust technique that Joe Weider takes credit for but I believe Arnold actually was doing it before that. It also uses super sets and isotonic training. Anyhoo, these techniques are a way to fire off an insane number of muscle cells, leading to a more complete and quicker failure at the end of the set.

Is this something you want to do? Yup. Now this is not for beginners and it is certainly something you don’t want to do every time you train. But remember this, the more muscle fibers you can activate, the faster you will get in shape and the muscle will grow. So for ladies, you will get tone and strong faster and men, you will get stronger and bigger faster. M Factor students will recognize that this happens because women have more estrogen and men have more testosterone. Right? Right!

 Work these combinations into your next workout.

 Group 1: 25 side squats each side.  ( One foot on a step or bench )
               Squat and hold against a wall 30-60 seconds then squat as many reps as you can.
                Leg Curls with an exercise ball.

 Repeat 3-5 times and remember to change up your foot position each time ( normal, sumo or plie and narrow stances )

 Group 2: Dumbbell Flyes on a ball or on a bench   10 -15 reps
                Push-ups  – as many as you can on toes, then as many as you can on your knees.
                Need a little extra oomph? Add a set of dumbbell front raises after the push-up
                Need more? Add some dumb bell kickbacks after the front raises.

               3-5 rounds should cook the muscles.

Now here is what I need you to do.

  1. Try it out.
  2. Let me know what you think.

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