Post 22: 7 Steps to Start a New Nutrition Plan

7 steps to start a new nutrition plan.

Nothing out of the ordinary here except this is from an article published in the Indian Times. It seems like as Americans we are credited with making the world fat. Our habits are spreading around the world.

I really don’t agree with that viewpoint. Our obesity stems from the fact that we have a very developed society. Not bragging, just saying that we don’t have to hustle for food. Our sitting lifestyle and desire for fast food all the time has created some issues but those issues stem from overabundance.
That is why this article interested me. India is not known as an overly consumptive society. yet judging from the article, they have the same new year’s resolutions we do. Go figure. Anyway, here is the link and the article 

The author, Mansi Kohli, adds a couple unique details that are interesting.

  1. He mentions keeping a food diary. Now where have you heard that before?
  2. 1/3 of your food should be unprocessed. I like that ratio.
  3. Keep vegetables fresh.
  4. Limit salt and sugar.
  5. Limit artificial sweeteners. I know America is behind the curve on this. We think they are the greatest thing but I am telling you here and now that there are a bunch of yet undisclosed side effects that come from artificial sweeteners. You will see reports here and there buried in the papers. Give this about 10 years and the truth will come out about diet drinks. (Sorry for the rant)
  6. Don’t skip meals
  7. Don’t eat on emotion

All in all pretty sound advice. Nice job Mansi.

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