6 Minute Core Workout

 Get a great core workout in 6 minutes.

Impossible to get a core workout in 6 minutes you say? Okay, go and do your endless crunches and twists.

You know you really don’t have to.

Try this workout and become a believer.

The Basics

3 exercises, each done for 15 reps.

Repeat for as many loops as you can for 6 minutes.

It can’t get easier than this, at least to describe.

The harder you attack the workout, the more you will get from it.


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Step 1: Set Your Timer for 6 Minutes

6 Minute Core Workout M Factor Fitness




Step 2: Familiarize Yourself with the Exercises

Quickie 6 Minute core Workout M Factor Fitness Online Training



Step 3: Do the Core workout

Sometimes the simplest workouts are the hardest to do.

As we say in Texas, hunker down and do it.

Step 4: Let me know what you think of this core workout.

I put a bunch of these short core workouts in my training for a couple of reasons.

  • When time is short, you need to have quick workouts.
  • You don’t need any equipment.
  • Don’t think. Just do.

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