Post 23: 59 Free Low Fat High Protein Recipes and a Special Offer

59 Low Fat recipes

Not only 59 low fat recipes but low fat high protein recipes.

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I have good stuff to tell you about today. If you are one of the millions that want to eat and feel better, then this post is for you. The best part is that everything I am going to tell you is either free or designed to save you money.

This is important in this economy. Especially when you want to start a new way of eating. Go into any Whole foods store or vitamin shop and you will be shocked by the cost of eating well.

The other part of eating well is the art of eating things that actually taste good. If you are a mom and are cooking for your family, you know what I mean. If it doesn’t taste good, your family won’t eat it. So do you really want to cook two different meals every night?

The biggest problem i see when clients can’t drop weight is that are not eating enough protein.These recipes are designed to increase your protein intake and decrease fat and carbs (sugar). This is nutrition 101 when you want to drop fat and build muscle. It is that simple.

So rather than list full meals, here are some ideas for snacks and desserts. I just put together a page on my website, that has 59 free great tasting recipes. Ok, I didn’t put them together, ProGrade did. What do I look like, a cook?

Just click on the link and go to the recipes. Now these recipes will call for ProGrade protein powder but you can easily substitute another brand if you want as long as it is vanilla. The important thing is to get a brand of protein powder that tastes good. If it doesn’t taste good you probably won’t use it.

I will be honest with you, I am worse than a little kid when it comes to taste. If it tastes  “weird ” I am not eating it. So experiment with protein powders and find a brand you like.

I am always looking for ways to get the best quality supplements and food at the best price. That is one of the reasons I endorse Prograde nutrition.  They offer better products than you can find at these stores and they offer them at a better price.

Now here is where this all gets tied together. Prograde is offering my people a chance to sample a jug of their protein powder for free (you pay shipping and handling). This is not a little packet of protein powder, we are talking about the full size jug. I don’t know of another company doing this. Click here to take them up on their offer.

Is this the best protein powder ever made? I don’t know. Every company has their science and their marketing and I have no way of comparing. I divide protein drinks into two categories; those that taste good and those that taste like a bowel movement.

All I know is for a couple of bucks you can try a premium protein powder, so why not? 

Keep the workouts strong and intense and keep the nutrition tight,

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