Episode 87: MLM: Let’s Look at the Numbers

This weeks episode will be pre-empted to bring you a realistic look at the multi-level -marketing business. As a personal trainer I get these offers all the time. Everyone I talk to is making 6 figures and counting down the days until they can quit working and do this full-time. Really? 

After listening to a podcast that was a thinly disguised pitch for their MLM company, I decided to actually check out the website and crunch the numbers. So why is multi level marketing generally a bad idea? Let’s look at the choices.
  • The “associates” have no idea what they are selling?
  • The “associates are forced to buy huge quantities of supplements to keep their dream alive?
  • The vitamins are horrifically overpriced?
  • The chances for success are nearly zero. .005 to be exact.
Listen, far be it for me to tell you what to do. In this podcast I go to the actual website and using their percentages to figure out what your odds are for success.
Again, I don’t begrudge a company choosing to distribute their products this way. As far as I can tell, they are good products. My only question is do I realistically have any chance for success if I choose to participate?

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Episode 86: I almost Blew Myself Up, Magnesium Deficiencies and Online Training: Does it Work?

 Well, this was certainly an interesting episode.

This is the first of the new podcasts designed to be less lengthy and more professional. Well, at least that was the goal.

Topic 1: It is not good when your propane tank catches on fire.

Topic 2: Equally as bad as a propane tank on fire is having a Magnesium deficiency.


Are you Magnesium Deficient?





































Topic 3: Why Online training doesn’t work well and what I am going to try to do to fix it.


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Why Personal Training Doesn’t Work.


Personal training doesn’t work.

I hate to be the one to say this, but it really doesn’t. While I am at it, I don’t think diet centers work either. I had this thought today and I have been trying all day to disprove it. And I can’t.

When you think of a personal trainer, what do you think of? A kid at 24 hour Fitness that shows you how to use the machines?

“This is a chest press. It works your chest.”

“This is a leg press, this works your legs”.

What I am saying is this. A trainer shows you how to use equipment and how to do the exercises. What else do they really do?

What does a diet center do?  The same thing.

“Eat this and swallow these pills and weigh in at the end of the week.”

Do you need this?

I mean, I have all this stuff on my website and it is free! If you want to learn how to use a chest press machine, there are hundreds if not thousands of videos on YouTube.

How many blogs talk about fat loss and nutrition?

What about Corrective Exercise?

All the information is out there. To be fair, some people can make progress. But there is a difference between progress and change. What happens when you stop going to the diet center? What happens when you stop going to the gym?

That is why I think trainers have a limited role in fitness. What you need is a coach and yes there is a difference.

Example 1: When I first started using my Ipad to shoot videos I needed help. I went right to YouTube and found some helpful videos that showed my how to operate the video camera. Problem solved.

Example 2: When I wanted to grow my fitness business I hired a coach. I wanted someone who knew my industry and could look at what I was doing and give me advice. What was I doing right and what did I need to fix? This is personal stuff and there is no way can I find this on a YouTube channel. I didn’t want generic advice or motivational speeches. I wanted to make a change.

Of all the clients I have trained, I can’t think of a single one that hasn’t tried to do it themselves. Getting back in shape is easy when you are young and gets more difficult as you get older. Throw in old injuries, aches and pains and the job of getting fit gets exponentially harder.

You may be in the same situation in your life. Everybody is different and has different needs. Whether you train with me in your home, in a small group or online, I want to deliver a true coaching experience.

Want to know the true secret to getting back in shape? It isn’t the exercises. You know what exercises you need to do. It isn’t nutrition. I think by this time everyone knows what they should eat more of and what they need to eat less of.

The value of a coach

The key is having someone coaching you to the next level. Someone who can watch what you are doing and make changes. Someone you can call, email or text with questions as they come up. A coach is someone who has a vested interest in you and will work with you.

I can attest that hiring a coach can be a difficult decision. You are going to hear things you don’t want to hear and asked to do things that you may not want to do. You may get taken out of your comfort zone. But isn’t that what change is all about?

As a coach, I need to figure out:

  • A solution for you that you can fit into your lifestyle.
  • A program that you will do even when I am not there.
  • A way to make practices become habits and habits become lifestyles.

At least that is my philosophy. Sound like something you have been looking for? If so, please fill out the form below and we can det up a free, no-obligation consultation.

I offer:

  • One on one personal training
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I offer in home and online personal training. This is customized training directed at achieving your goals. I offer a free 30 minute consultation and would love to talk with you. Just fill out the consult form and I will be in touch with you. I look forward to hearing from you.


Podcast 85: Best Action Hero, Knee Pain and Shoulder Pain fix

We have 2 topics on todays show and one of them is actually fitness related. Not bad.

Topic 1: I ticked off one of the giants in my industry when he sent a tweet talking about how great an action star Tom Cruise is. I sent back a reply that Tom Cruise is half the action star Arnold is….literally. I guess some people don’t understand my sense of humor, warped as it is. It was just a joke! All kidding aside, Tom Cruise keeps himself in great shape and does a lot of his own stunts. But he still isn’t Arnold. Case in point. Arnold could star in the “Mission Impossible” series without a problem. Could you see Tom Cruise playing Conan the Barbarian? A 5 foot terminator? See what I mean. But it isn’t just height based. You will have to listen to find out.

Topic 2: A tip on working through shoulder pain. Did you guys know I wrote a book on shoulder pain? Just go to www.shoulderpainbook.com and see for yourself. You can get it on Amazon and Ibooks. But that isn’t the point of this. Here is the theory. Actually it is more reality. Scratch that. It is the truth, just do it. When you ask people what muscles the bench press works, what do you hear? Yep, chest, arms and shoulders. The actual answer is that the bench press is a total body exercise… if you do it right. 

Doing it right means tensing your upper back to stabilize the shoulder girdle. A weak, flabby upper back is a shoulder disaster waiting to happen. Beware: Technical talk. In any movement, there is always a prime mover and a stabilizer muscle working. In this case the pecs are the primary movers. The delts and triceps can be called secondary movers. The muscles opposite the prime movers will generally be the stabilizers. So in the case of the bench press, the upper back and biceps work to stabilize to weight. If the stabilizers are weak, the shoulder is going to be pushed into a sub-optimal position. That is technical talk for an injury waiting to happen.

So to encourage the back to get involved in the bench you can do an upper back exercise before you bench. 

Example 1: Band Pull aparts  alternating with Bench press.

Example 2: High rows alternating with bench press.

The idea here is to activate your upper back with an exercise that hits the stabilizer muscles without wearing them out. This will give you more control over the upper back area when you bench. Most people never truly work the upper back. try this and you should have less shoulder pain when you bench. Make sense?

If it doesn’t, let me know. This is a great way to help fix shoulder pain.

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Should Diabetics Exercise?

personalShould you workout with weights if you are diabetic?

Being diagnosed with Diabetes changes your life. It is a shocker. Luckily in a number of cases you actually have time to reverse the effects before it becomes permanent. Over 29.1 million Americans have been diagnosed as having diabetes and another 86 million are pre-diabetic.

So what does Science say?

The research is overwhelmingly in favor of exercise.

Here are a few reasons exercise helps (info courtesy of the PTDC)

Sorry if this gets a bit technical.


  • Increases glucose uptake in skeletal muscle via insulin-dependant and insulin-independant mechanisms.
  • Lowers fasting blood sugar levels.
  • Improves fat oxidation.
  • Can reduce systolic blood pressure and LDL levels.
  • Can elevate mood. Help stave off depression.
  • Lower hemoglobin A1C levels
  • Reduce cardiovascular morbidity.

So what all does this mean and how much work is this going to take?

Good questions. It means you need to get moving. Walking is a good start but if you really want to make progress consider lifting weights. I work with people who need to make massive changes in their life and have a few pre-diabetic clients. To be honest, they usually are my hardest workers. They realize the stuff has hit the fan and they need to change immediately.


So far everyone has made huge progress. I love it when my people stop fearing the visit to the Doctor. Would you believe they look forward to the lab testing  because they know the results will be better than the last time?

Some people can do this themselves and some people need a little coaching. If you fall into the latter category I would suggest hiring a competent personal trainer. The eating will be simple enough. Reduce carbs and up the protein and fats. The hard part will be changing the way you eat. The other tricky part will be starting your exercise program at a level where you can make steady progress without hurting yourself.

If you need any help with that, let me know. I offer one on one training, small group training, online training and nutrition coaching.

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I offer in home and online personal training. This is customized training directed at achieving your goals. I offer a free 30 minute consultation and would love to talk with you. Just fill out the consult form and I will be in touch with you. I look forward to hearing from you.




The 1 Thing You Don’t Know About Hunger and Losing Weight

The one thing you don’t know about hunger and weight loss is the 1 thing that will sabotage your success.

nutritionThe oldest, wisest and simplest advice for losing fat goes like this: “Don’t eat until you are hungry and stop when you are full.” Brilliant advice. Then why doesn’t it work? Read on to find out.

Points to Remember

In order to really feel true hunger you need to avoid the following.

  • Carbonated drinks. Yes even diet sodas. Especially diet sodas. The carbonation will increase the size of your stomach giving you a false sense of when you are full. A bigger stomach will signal to the brain that it is full slower than a smaller stomach.
  • Processed foods. Processed foods have a number of chemicals in them that artificially trigger feelings of hunger.
  • Artificial sweeteners. Studies have shown artificial sweeteners tend to cause the consumer to crave sweets, causing you to want to eat even though you aren’t hungry.
  • Sugar. Excessive sugar consumption spikes your insulin levels. The inevitable crash afterward will give you a false sense of being hungry, let alone needing another round of sugar.

You may have been eating this way for so long you may have forgotten what it is to be truly hungry! Isn’t that weird?

Now if you are clever, you will recognize the above list of foods as the “bad foods” you are always told to avoid when trying to lose weight. In addition to the empty calories these “junk foods” provide, now you have another reason to avoid them. You get a distorted view of how full you are.

You see what I am leading up to. You can’t judge how hungry you actually are until you stop eating all this crap. Until your body has a chance to reset itself, you won’t be able to judge how much you should be eating.

Here is a podcast I did on the subject.


Since we are on this. Let me make a couple of statements.

  • You cannot get fat eating clean.

  • You cannot reset your metabolism unless you get rid of all these artificial barriers holding you back.

  • It is very hard to over-eat when you are eating clean. Your jaws will give out before you can stuff yourself. (True Story!)

So here is the plan.

Step 1: Eat clean.

Step 2: Have food on hand at all times.

The quickest way to lose fat and not muscle is to stay borderline hungry. People that never get to the point of starving have a huge advantage over those that starve and binge. Why? Being really hungry eats at your resolve. Not only will you end up eating more, you will tend to eat the stuff that fills you up faster, which generally is not the good stuff. Having something healthy to snack on will keep you on the edge where you need to be.

What should you carry as snacks?

  • Mixed nuts. Salted is fine.
  • Fruit
  • Carrots, green peppers and other portable vegetables.
  • Beef Jerky _ good source of protein. There are natural brands that aren’t loaded with chemicals and preservatives and ,of course, you have the junky ones. Avoid those if you can.
  • Protein bars. Look for 12-25 grams of protein. Whey protein is definitely preferred to soy.

Step 3: Don’t worry about calories

By avoiding the bad stuff, you are eating food that is easily broken down and utilized by your body. This is important. This means you will have constant energy. This along with getting enough sleep and working out will be enough for most people. They won’t have to worry about calories.

Final Tips

  • Proteins and Fats will keep you full longer as well as giving you important building blocks to strengthen the muscles and immune system. Most women are not getting enough protein or Omega 3 fats.
  • Eating fruits and vegetables will help keep you hydrated and maintain a good balance of water to electrolytes.
  • You will feel better.

So there you have it. I hope this helps. If you need a little more information, I am happy to arrange a consultation with you.

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Meals That Practically Make Themselves

Easy To Make MealsHow can you fit nutritious meals into your crazy life?

Cooking is a big problem because life gets complicated.

Problem 1: You want to make make better meals for your family.

Problem 2: Eating out all the time gets expensive and does nothing to help your waistline.

Problem 3: Eating out tastes so good!

But the biggest problem of all is TIME.

So let me help you out on this because we have the same problem. Traditional cooking takes time and can get complicated. After you get home, cooking is the last thing  you want to do. No, the last thing you want to do is wait to eat! So let me re-introduce you to the crock pot. Or is it called a slow cooker? Whatever you want to call it, it is a lifesaver. Dump the ingredients in the crockpot, plug it in, walk away and let it do the work all day.

The crockpot is a true win-win for weight loss.

  • You know exactly what ingredients go into it.
  • It requires zero supervision. You can’t dry out a crock-pot recipe!
  • Anybody can do these recipes.
  • They are both healthy and delicious.

If you have never tried the crockpot for anything else than melting cheese for nachos or putting cocktail weenies in BBQ sauce, you are in for a treat.

This is cooking for those who hate cooking or just don’t have time for it.

So what are you waiting for? Get these recipes now and surprise your family tomorrow!

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Episode 84: Mike’s in the Doghouse, Weekend Certifications and When Does 1,000 calories not equal 1,000 calories?

Hey, welcome to episode 84. as you can see by there title there is a lot going on in this episode.
Yes I am in the doghouse. But should I be? If you ask me a question about fitness I will give you an answer. That is what I do. Here comes the tricky part. If you don’t like my answer should you get mad at me? My wife certainly did but don’t get mad at me, blame evolution.
Topic 1: I said it before and I will say it again. A slow walk is not exercise. It is a stroll. If you go and walk around the mall it is a stroll. If you walk as fast as you can and you are breathing hard and sweating, that is exercise. Big difference. Walking the dog is very relaxing but it is not exercise. It doesn’t mean it isn’t important, it just means it should not and cannot count it as exercise. But if you are just starting out and are breathing hard going around the block, then you are exercising my friend. Doctors are now telling patients to walk because they are desperate to get any kind of movement out of them. Technically a stroll is better than nothing but not by much.

Topic 2: Just got an email from a guy doing weekend certifications. I may be in the only industry where you can go from a guy off the street to certified master trainer in 2 days. Well I guess they have those mail order karate places too so I don’t feel that bad. Think of all the time and money I wasted taking courses to become a master trainer when I could have just shown up at this seminar with a cup of coffee and a bag of donuts and walked out with a certification!

Here is a really irritating article.


I hear what you are saying. How could a magazine such as Cosmopolitan, which is devoted to cutting edge nutritional articles, publish an article that is wrong? Wrong in my opinion but I am the one in charge here. Well, here is my teaser. You will just have to listen to it to see why 1,000 calories doesn’t always equal 1,000 calories. 

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I offer in home and online personal training. This is customized training directed at achieving your goals. I offer a free 30 minute consultation and would love to talk with you. Just fill out the consult form and I will be in touch with you. I look forward to hearing from you.