Episode 79: A World Gone Crazy. Crazy Crossfit, Crazy Asthma story and more Craziness

There was a full moon last night but it might as well have been a full moon all month. It is official, the world has gone crazy and I offer 5 Examples in this podcast.

1. The presidential race is underway and the leading characters look like cartoons.
World gone crazy.
2. There is a 30 minute crossfit show on tv that offers this as a workout.
15 toes to bars 
10 deadlifts with 115 pounds
5 snatches
than max out a clean and press.
Stupid routine, not well thought out, dangerous and ineffective. Again, a sign that the….
World gone crazy.
3. The Grid league has a preseason and a post season but no regular season matches. Let me hear you.
A World Gone Crazy.
4. An article in Shape magazine about asthma that doesn’t have anything to do with asthma. Link here.
A World gone pharmaceutical….and Crazy.
5. Finally, a workout so dumb it rivals the aforementioned Crossfit workout.
Whew, lickily yuou can depend on me to bring some sanity to the table.

Episode 78: The Big leap and Why my 67 year old clients can Out squat you!

Well, on second thought my older clients may not be able to out squat you. But they squat. They also do push-ups. Why? Because I am not going to put them in a chair and make them screw around with thin, tiny rubber bands and 2 pound weights, that’s why. Perfectly safe if you know the technique.

Anyway, this is a rambling episode that discusses the book by Gay Hendricks, ” The Big Leap:Conquer Your Hidden Fear and Take Life to the next Level.” I will be honest, I bought it for myself and found a lot of good things in here for my clients,
We also have a short discussion about the insignificance of certifications in the fitness industry. Lastly I talk about why strength and conditioning for fat loss is superior to other fat loss methods. 
Thanks for listening.


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